In an effort to make The Stranger more interactive, this new feature provides sample questions to better facilitate discussion about The Stranger in book groups, elementary-school classrooms, church groups, and improvisation workshops. The theme for this week's questions is "authorial intent."

1. KELLY O interviews the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) in the music section. Ms. O has covered ICP many times for The Stranger in the last few years. Do you believe she is a secret ICP fan? Do you think she thinly disguises her ICP love as disdain? If you were to investigate Ms. O's medicine cabinet, do you believe you'd find a half-used, tearstained tube of greasepaint?

2. In the feature, GOLDY explains that children are shooting other children, in order to demonstrate his belief that gun control is necessary. Do you believe Goldy's humorous tone in this article is:

(a) Too inappropriate,

(b) Just inappropriate enough, or

(c) Barely inappropriate at all?

3. In his drinking column, CHARLES MUDEDE writes about a bar owned by "a Jamaican immigrant... and his partner, a regular American." What the fuck do you think Mudede is getting at here? Do you believe he's trolling us with this "regular American" shit? Why or why not? Does he even know if he's trolling anymore?

4. In his review of The Hangover, Part III, PAUL CONSTANT seems to be unaware that the movie is a comedy. What sort of traumatic experience do you believe Constant had in his childhood that left him completely humorless and unable to enjoy pleasurable experiences without churning out some turgid, dull, disapproving prose in response? Please be as explicit as possible.

5a. In his review of Saint Genet's performance piece Shoot, in which a man was actually shot, BRENDAN KILEY suggests that the outlaw aspects of the performance prove how edgy Saint Genet's art is. Do you believe that it was by accident that Kiley repeatedly failed to type the word "boring" in reference to Saint Genet's violent artwork, or does he actually think that this kind of Fight Club–ish, little-boy-fantasy thing is interesting?

5b. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hypocritical is it that the issue of The Stranger that features an antigun screed from Goldy also features Kiley's glorification of gun violence? Remember to show your work! recommended