1. The theme of this year's Queer Issue appears to be "technology." Without using the internet, finish this simile: "A technology-themed Queer Issue in 2013 is as stale as..." Be creative!

2. In his review of the documentary film How to Make Money Selling Drugs, BRENDAN KILEY calls drug dealing "one of the only reliable growth industries in America." Given that Mr. Kiley is currently employed by an alternative weekly newspaper, how long do you think it will take for him to turn his experience as an underpaid print journalist who often covers the drug trade into a vastly more lucrative career as a drug kingpin?

a. Six months.

b. One year.

c. The question is flawed, as it refers to Mr. Kiley as a "journalist."

3. In her review of a gallery show by local artist Klara Glosova, JEN GRAVES writes: "The show could have used a good editor." Do you think Ms. Graves appreciates the irony of this criticism? Why or why not?

4. True or false: The Stranger has a news section.

5. After 25 years of the Fremont Solstice Parade, The Stranger has suddenly noticed its existence. In essay form, describe at least one other Seattle neighborhood (outside of Capitol Hill) that Stranger photographer KELLY O should deign to visit in the next 25 years.

6. This week, music editor EMILY NOKES cowrote the music lead with BREE McKENNA, who is also in Ms. Nokes's band, Tacocat. Draw a nepotism tree illustrating the connections between other Stranger writers, freelancers, and the subjects they choose to cover. Note: You may need more than one sheet of paper for your tree. recommended