Hi there, Mr. and Ms. Junkie, I'm the person who has caught you multiple times shooting up in front of my apartment in the heart of Capitol Hill. Sorry for freaking out on you, but, as I said: NOT COOL. It's broad daylight, and you're directly in front of my door, underneath my neighbor's apartment where a 4-year-old kid lives. I completely understand the demons of addiction, but seriously? How can you think that shooting up next to someone's house is a good idea? I appreciate that you cleaned up your mess—nevertheless, get some help. Here are some clinics that might be of assistance. We've also installed blue floodlights in the area, so good luck finding a fucking vein. I'm not assuming you read The Stranger or would even visit a treatment clinic, but maybe this will help someone somewhere.

kingcounty.gov/courts/detention/resource_guide/drug_alcohol.aspx, 722-3700

evergreentreatment.org, 223-3644

solutions4recovery.com, 800-473-2134