1. The news section in this week's Stranger was published late in the evening on Election Day, after the first wave of results came in and well after the usual printer's deadline. This means that the few stories in the paper that deal directly with election results were published without the usual careful copyediting to which most Stranger pieces—believe it or not—are subjected. How many errors can you find in the news section this week? How many of them are typographical? How many are the usual profound errors in judgment?

2a. Compare the election results with The Stranger's endorsements. Did any of The Stranger's favored candidates or causes survive the election?

2b. Why or why not?

2c. On a scale of irrelevant to barely relevant, where do you believe The Stranger stands in post-election Seattle?

3. Speaking of irrelevance, Cienna Madrid and PAUL CONSTANT expend hundreds of words in a tedious review of a Katy Perry album that other outlets reviewed weeks ago. On a lined piece of notebook paper, please list every Seattle band that could have benefited from the exposure that this two-page masturbatory "humorous" review squandered. Now ask one of the musicians you listed how they feel about this review. How many expletives did s/he utter in a single breath? Too many? Not enough?

4. Meanwhile, MATT FIKSE-VERKERK and BRENDAN KILEY contribute a feature story explaining a new surveillance program from the Seattle Police Department that could potentially track every person in the downtown Seattle area via their cellular phone. This "wireless mesh network" seems to be plagiarized directly from Christopher Nolan's 2008 film The Dark Knight. Now that Seattleites have been informed that the Seattle Police Department may have designs on spying on everyone in the area, do you believe anyone will care? Why or why not?

5. Which piece do you believe to be more outrageous: the surveillance report referred to in item 4, or the I, Anonymous written by a Seattleite who serves his or her foodie friends marked-down food from the discount sections of grocery stores? If you chose the latter, how does it feel being a frivolous millennial with no sense of civic responsibility? Make one case for your continued existence, if you can. recommended