Yeah, okay. I forgot your name. We'd met once briefly through a friend and then had a great conversation at a party about the decline of everything when we crossed paths much later. When I ran into you on the street with my friend from out of town, I knew I would have to introduce you. But I didn't want to deal with a long awkward moment, so for all our sakes I just said, "Shit. I'm sorry, I forgot your name." You told us, I introduced you to my friend, I apologized again because I could tell it bothered you, and we chatted for a few minutes. But the whole time we did, you gave me hurt, disappointed eyes like it was an unforgivable sin. And when we parted, you said, "I guess I'm just not that memorable, huh?" Jesus Christ, it's not like I didn't remember you! I simply forgot your name. Like everyone's done to a million people before and will continue to do for the rest of our species' existence. Maybe this is why society is crumbling. When decent, respectful individuals can't make one gaffe without being written off, people stop trying. You could've given me a pass, but instead you focused on my one simple mistake. Now I'll never be able to see you again without thinking I've done you wrong. Thanks for that, and let the awkward moments continue!