I'm sorry, but if you shop at a grocery store on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, you are a selfish piece of shit. Believe it or not, we grocery workers have families too, and we don't get to enjoy the holidays with them because of the corporate greed that keeps the store open during holidays in the first place and because you stupid fuckers choose to keep shopping during those holidays. Those holidays are on the calendar all year round. If you can't get your shopping done in time, it is your own fault—borrow what you forgot from the neighbor. Is it really too much to ask to have two days off a year? As long as you keep shopping on holidays, we will be open—and staying open later and later every year. For the record, working on Thanksgiving is not on a volunteer basis anymore. Not at my store and most stores nowadays. Now we can't even request that day off. For a city that seems to favor workers' rights for the little guys, you Seattleites have really dropped the ball on this one. Do you think corporate CEOs work on those days? Once again, they are making millions of dollars off of our hard work and sacrifice. When you shop during a holiday, you are lining their pockets even more and screwing over those employees you so often like to defend. So if you shop at a store this Thanksgiving or Christmas, and you see a guy stocking shelves with a scowl on his face, know that I am biting my tongue, because what I really want to say is FUCK YOU!