I've known you my entire life and have always suspected you were a freakin' automaton bitch, big sister. When I was small, I would sit in the backseat of the family station wagon listening to your narcissistic rap sessions with the Ice Queen (aka Mother) and wonder if I was the only person on earth with feelings. I'm grown up now and live a satisfying life, accepting of my genetic inheritance and the bizarre family dynamics that formed me. It took years and a lot of arduous work to get here. Which is why, when our recent attempt at communication about a family matter morphed into your atavistic drive for dominance, I completely lost it and screamed your fucking deaf ears right off. I'm not proud of this and I know it won't make a difference. I even apologized to you. But consider this, you phony cunt: Anyone who shamelessly admits to not feeding her cat for days at a time needs to take a serious look in the mirror. A little humility goes a long way.