I wrote the I, Anonymous column "No, I Won't Call the Cops for You" two weeks ago, about my neighbor and the "mentally ill homeless kid" and the repeated assaults. I'm writing again to say thanks to the commenters. I know this column is mostly a form of trashy entertainment, but in this case you helped me do some serious thinking. The whole thing repeated again last night. This time, though, I called the cops without waiting to be asked. And this time it turns out there was an existing warrant for the guy's arrest, so he left in handcuffs. (The "kid" is 28, by the way, with a prison record.) Afterward, I stayed with my neighbor a while and let him talk. He was physically unharmed but in tears. He told me I saved his life. I'm not sure if his life was truly in danger, but the lesson I learned is that it's not my judgment to make. Really, really not. recommended