Confidential to the guy who painted these lines: We can’t stop thinking about you.


I don't think this is a suitable replacement for last days.

They're basically just 7 staff written I, Anons. At least I, Anons are entertaining in their scope (whether its overly grand or overly petty).
next idea please
I like this.
I like it too, better than Last Days because of the local-ness. Many of them have made me smile, and some have made me sad (in a good way). But they are definitely at their best when they DO NOT replicate Rant and Rave on the Seattle Times. Complaining about someone on the bus, I just don't think this is the right forum.
@4 Agreed. I like the random vignettes that are intriguing and/or heartwarming. The last one broke the mood.
I'd prefer it if Stranger Staff actually saw and reported on news, rather than trying to create hipster replacements for the poignant human interest puff pieces of network news. We don't need to see "Squirrel Waterskies" stories anymore.
I want to know who the British rock wanker was.
@6 Speak for yourself. If a squirrel is water skiing I want to hear about it.
#8, you should go take a look at youtube then. There's more than one, and one of them is even semi-famous.
I'm loving this column. These little moments of people's lives are so ephemeral and I like how they've been captured. Like freezing a soap bubble.
I also don't think it's an either or situation. You can have this and you can have the news. The Stranger provides both.
@8 - Seconded. "His name is Nutty and he's 3 years old!"
God, the last one. Yeah, she definitely should have just moved bags in the first place. But anyone standing could have just asked her to move her damn bags if they wanted to sit.
My "chime in" comment - this is a laudable new feature, but it has been uneven. I prefer the thoughtful "frozen soap bubble" efforts (thanks Lissa) instead of the "tossed-off-on-the-bus-on-the-way-to-junior high" missives. Some are prose worthy, and paint small slice of life canvases - more of those, please.
I like it.
Fuck the haterz, I think this column is great.

@libertine: We don't need to see "Squirrel Waterskies" stories anymore.

Yes. Yes we do. And I'd say we're long overdue for a follow-up story on "Nutty" to see how he's coping with his internet fame.
I'm surprised nobody here is outraged by those racist crosswalks.
If you're going to make such a point about the handsome crosswalk painter, show the handsome crosswalk painter!!!
@16: Actually we're all pretty amazed as to how fucking stupid you are.
I love this column.

Can it be uneven?

Sure. This isn't a perfect world. The unevenness of it is just fine -- ESPECIALLY since something I don't care for might be beloved by someone else.

(The crosswalk one ... oh my. How lovely.)
another vote (that time of year) for this section. I am not surprised that it's a bit hit and miss, and enjoy the ones that hit (all except last for me). I expect it's just a matter of opinion though.
Personally, I liked the pumpkin-bonking moment. Sounded like something I would do. :)

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