The glorious victory of Council Member Kshama Sawant has sent the fresh wind of reform sweeping through the chambers of Seattle government. Even as construction towers loom, casting long shadows over the efforts of workers, people of color, and other disenfranchised and marginalized sectors of Seattle's electorate, hope has gained a foothold, and the future appears brighter than ever before.

To celebrate this triumphant reelection, we have invited Council Member Sawant and her team to herald the re-christening of a beloved eatery in the heart of one of Seattle's most embattled neighborhoods. THE GREAT HALL OF THE PEOPLE (formerly Lost Lake) will reflect the evident will of Council Member Sawant's supporters that our nightlife reflect the struggle of all citizens to live with dignity in these increasingly inequitable and iniquitous times.

THE GREAT HALL OF THE PEOPLE will offer an all-new low-price menu (including Bread and Roses, $5) served by fairly compensated waitstaff, a slew of drink specials (including our signature cocktail, the Rent Control'd Fashioned, $5), and realist decor that addresses the everyday concerns of the typical working citizen. We've always been at war with poverty, but with prices like these, the only thing "super rich" about us is our milkshakes!

So come on down to THE GREAT HALL OF THE PEOPLE. It's a nice place to socialize®. recommended