BLOODFLOWER GARDEN You know the little scabrous bulb of dried blood that encrusts the tip of a hypodermic needle when someone shoots some heroin but forgets to clean as he/she goes? Then you also know the adorable comet tail of viscous blood that sticks to that scab when it goes flying as the hypodermic's plunger is pushed down to make way for another dose. The combination of scab and gooey blood will stick to any wall it hits. If the current vogue for intravenous drug use continues to grow, there should be no shortage of contributors up for a little "crowdsourcing."

LOOGIE OBELISK They say you can pick your nose but not your friends, but here's an art project that argues otherwise. Once you've hocked it up, where are you going to spit it? Why not the art site formerly known as the Gum Wall? The winter months are particularly robust ones for phlegm generation in the Pacific Northwest, and the allergens of spring are waiting in the wings. That means a LOT of public involvement from locals and tourists alike. Plus, the debate is built-in: Some people think it's gross, others just think it's snot.

TAMPONUMENT It's not often discussed, but most people are aware that menstruation is a reality for many, if not most, women. And we've all seen the public restroom signs that warn against the flushing of tampons and sanitary napkins. Here's a solution that embraces the facts of life AND gives a much-needed break to our city's sewage and waste-disposal industries. And if a few men feel left out of the process, well, maybe that's okay for once?

THE SHITADEL This installation combines the rebellious spirit of a political prisoner's "dirty protest" with the fun romanticism of the padlocks on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. Can't find a public restroom? Don't even want to? It's not a bug—it's a feature! As the homeless state of emergency continues, this grand collaboration will have no trouble "wiping out" the memory of all that unsanitary gum in no time flat. And if the non-homeless community wants to join in, well, you know what they say: Shit(adel) happens. recommended