My boss was out of town and the office was dead, so I spent the morning on Scruff. A guy with beautiful eyes wanted me to come fuck him on my lunch break. It said he was 5,000 feet away. He was more like 23 blocks away, with lots of hills between us, so I took a Lyft. The woman driving me had no idea what I was up to. After we were done, I took another Lyft back. The driver was a guy this time, handsome, possibly gay. He asked me how my day was going. He asked me what I was up to. Since he kept asking, I told him the truth. He gave me a look in the rearview mirror and said, "That's hot." "Do you ever hook up with customers?" I asked. "No." "What about, like, just pulling over to let someone suck you off?" "No." A pause. "That'd be so hot." "I'd be down," I said. He turned off Lyft's tracking system, found a place to pull over, and unzipped while I got into the front seat. I sucked him off, careful not to bang my face on his steering wheel. Then he took me back to work. "NICK," 31

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