Listen, folks, I know I’m being put to the test when you ask me which movies I’ve cried in. And I want to be truthful with you. Air Bud wrecked me. Just wrecked me. I had to cancel a town hall recently because I couldn’t go onstage, because I’d just seen Air Bud. My eyes were like one of those waterworks shows at Bullwinkle’s. It just wouldn’t stop. Jurassic Park is another one. I’ll never forget sitting in my favorite movie theater in Wilmington, Delaware, thinking: “The way they’re treating these velociraptors is so unfair.” They didn’t ask to be born, you know? They didn’t ask to have their genetic code trapped in amber. Did you ever think about that? But gosh, yeah, I’m a crier, I’m a feeler, I own that. Even a cooking program will do it. The night before Mother’s Day, the grandkids came over and we sent their moms to the mall while we made maple bacon monkey bread. We had to watch a YouTube video to figure it out. Really vibrant young woman in the video. She had this unbelievable American grace in showing us the nine-inch fluted tube pan we were going to need. By the time she was coating it with cooking spray, I was just sobbing. Point Break too. The Matrix. And Beaches. Jill and I have a rule: No Beaches in our house. We just… we can’t. It’s too much. You know, Bette Midler was born in Hawaii, like a certain president I could name.