Several readers have noticed that Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology did not appear in last week's issue. They may also notice that the column does not appear in this week's issue. We'd like to know how you really feel about it. Please fill out this questionnaire and mail it to Stranger Corporate Headquarters, 1535 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98122.

NAME ________________________ AGE ______

ZODIAC SIGN ____________________________

Please check all that apply:

____ I picked up your stupid paper every week for ____ years just so I could read Free Will Astrology. Now I have no reason to pick up The Stranger, or any newspaper, or ever leave the house again. Thanks a lot, jerk.

____ I've never read Free Will Astrology, but this is a new low, even for The Stranger! Classic double reverse backflip hipster/anti-hipster clickbait commercialism. WTF happened to you?

____ I don't believe in astrology, but I do believe that reading horoscopes can help me figure out what's going to happen to me in the future.

____ Jesus is Lord.

____ I can't believe you're devoting one single column inch to this issue when [Circle One] Cecil the lion / drones / Spotify / Donald Trump / Benghazi / sports thing goes completely unreported by the mainstream media. Shame on you.

____ Great job. You guys are the best!

____ I miss Smell of Steve.

____ This is probably more for Savage Love, but Dan never answers my tweets: Do you think it's weird if I made out with my stepbrother a couple of times? (Who am I kidding? We totally fuck every time there's a family gathering. I always say it's the last time, but then I see him there and he's so great looking and aaaarrrgh. Help!) recommended