Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are coming to Seattle to make you laugh and cringe.
Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are coming to Seattle to make you laugh and cringe. Rick Polk / Mike Coppola / Getty

Two crusty vet comedians who both have their own fuck-all attitudes and are each worthy of respect in his own right, have teamed up to cohead the Bumping Mics tour, which makes its way to Seattle this Friday night for one night only.

Dave Attell achieved his name recognition with a Comedy Central show, Insomniac with Dave Attell, that started with a clip of a set featuring his wry, observational humor followed by some late-night shenanigans and misadventures around whatever town he was performing in. He also hosted a great, if short-lived show on Comedy Central called Comedy Underground with Dave Attell, during which he invited other comics to perform mostly uncensored stand-up sets that were grittily-filmed by a volunteer audience member, giving it a very intimate feel. (Jeff Ross appeared in the first episode, and told the first joke; it's featured after the jump.)

Jeff Ross, for his part, earned his standing by becoming the Roastmaster General of all those Comedy Central Roasts, the ultimate lampooner whose sharp tongue cut hard and deep. (Remember when Trump was in the hot seat? Those were the days.) He's also thrown shade at inmates (Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live from Brazos County Jail, which was as poignant as it was funny and actually shows the sympathetic side of Ross), and on The Burn with Jeff Ross (a comedy panel show that aired on Comedy Central for a few years and featured guests joining Ross ranging from Jimmy Kimmel and Marc Maron to Amy Schumer), his targets varied from porn stars to athletes to generalized snowflakes.

Seeing these two Comedy Central behemoths in a single evening will be a rare treat and if you need a reminder why, watch some video clips of both below.

Comedy Underground featuring Jeff Ross (2014)

The good ol' days, before Trump was Prez. The real ribbing starts at about the 4:30 mark, and includes a classic Ivanka joke.

And some stand-up...

An episode of The Green Room with Paul Provenza featuring Dave Attell.

From his 2005 DVD, Hey Your Mom's Not Pregnant.

Best-of stand-up by Dave Attell from Insomniac: