On Saturday, May 4, some of the Pacific Northwest's funniest people will take the stage at the Egyptian Theatre as part of The Stranger's Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy showcase. Andy Iwancio! Dan Hurwitz! Chris Mejia! Monica Nevi! Juno Men! Bernice Larson! Kermet Apio! And headliner Sam Miller! Plus, the whole night will be hosted by Emmett Montgomery, beloved weirdo, host of Friendship Dungeon and Joketellers Union, and one of 2023's Undisputable Geniuses.

It's going to be very funny! I hope you come! Tickets are available here! Exclamation points!

This week, ahead of the show, we're gonna get to know all the comics. Up next is Monica Nevi! In 2020 Nevi did something few (if any?!) comedians have done: She released a comedic guided meditation album. You can also watch her stand-up special Big Stepdad Energy for free here (she's right about '90s kids' tummies) and definitely check out her podcast Dumb Pitches, in which she interviews smart people about their dumbest ideas. Recent guests include Adam Newman, Rob Haze, and Dewa Dorje.

How does it feel to be declared an Undisputable Genius of Comedy?

It feels fancy. I often get skipped for things like this and now it's UNDISPUTABLE! I am honored and happy to be a part of it.

The show is at the Egyptian, which is rumored to be haunted. Do you believe in ghosts?

I believe in everyone. I think we can all do amazing things whether we are a person or a ghost. I want all the ghosts to know I support them and I am nice, so they don't need to feel any sort of pressure to do anything scary to me. 

You have a podcast called Dumb Pitches where you “talk to successful people about their worst ideas.” It’s a really brilliant premise! What has been your dumbest idea so far?

Thank you so much! I love doing the show and hearing a variety of terrible and silly ideas. For me personally, I can't say it is the dumbest because I would use them for sure but I have pitched what is called the "Sit n' Sips." They are pants that have cup holders built into the tops of the thighs so when you sit down you can put a drink in there. It's my proudest dumb idea. 

You have performed comedy all over the country—in April alone you went to the Carolinas, Philly, and California—how do Seattle audiences compare to other cities?

Seattle audiences are great. They are definitely different from some of the other parts of the country. Seattle is very smart and they don't let you get away with as much for that reason. I always say if I can get away with it here then I can definitely do it in other places but it's not the other way around. I know as a group we can be a little passive and keep to ourselves, but I'd love to see more Seattlites coming out to shows and supporting stand-up because they are really fun, smart audiences. 

What’s your favorite place to see comedy in Seattle right now? 

I'm going to be a tad biased but start by saying there are so many great comedy clubs in Seattle right now! Not every comedy scene has that and I think it's wonderful. BUT my FAVORITE place to see comedy right now is the Seattle Super Secret Standup Show at Comedy Sportz Seattle (in Fremont). They normally do improv but there is a midnight standup show on the first Friday of every month. It's late-night so there are secret headliner drop-ins every month, it's a fantastic Seattle crowd, and it's cheap. The bias part is that I have been a part of running this show for its almost 10-year stint but I get so excited to go every time. It is incredible local talent and then quite possibly your favorite famous comedian who happened to be in town all on the same show. I love watching it. 

The Stranger presents the 2024 Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy Sat May 4 at the Egyptian Theatre, 8 pm, $25, 18+. Tickets are available here.

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