I some how missed the viral pic of the black boy, Devonte Hart, crying and clinging to the white Portland cop. I only learned about it the moment I learned that he might be dead. He was adopted in 2007 by two white women, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who were married and big supporters of Bernie Sanders. The couple adopted a total of six children of color, and were determined to live in the America that Trump's supporters want to eliminate. A lesbian couple, multiracial children, and anti-corporate lifestyles.

But now there's speculation that things were not so harmonious, not so positive in the Hart tribe. There are reports of child abuse. One such report has one of the mothers, Sarah Hart, pleading "guilty to domestic assault against one of her daughters." This means a white woman assaulted a black child. Her wife, Jen, is reported to have witnessed this assault but did nothing. This happened in Minnesota in 2010. The tribe moved to the Portland area in 2014, and then that viral moment in 2016 happened...

As things stand now (the SUV driven by Sarah Hart plunged into the Pacific Ocean from a cliff on the California coast, and all eight Harts, who are presumed to have been in that car, are presumed to be dead), people have to rethink what those tears and the desperate hug really meant in the viral photo.

That said, this has not been the best week for Bernie supporters. This Saturday, Bernie alpha-afro-bro Killer Mike turned up on NRA TV defending the right to own weapons whose bullets can liquefy bones. And now this? A whole Bernie family plunges into the ocean. And, yes, the media will present the Hart mothers as nuts: a crazy, Godless vision of non-hetero and racial harmony. We must resist this reading, and also the impulse to label Bernie supporters as cray-cray. There is much, much more crazy in Trump's swamp of supporters. Nevertheless, it's looking like the Hart case will be a complex mixture of race and madness and leftist despair.