Below, we have provided a caption in need of a cartoon. You, the reader, submit your drawing in the space provided, and we will select a winner and publish it at at our discretion.

NOTE: The Stranger's Caption Cartoon Contest is in no way affiliated with or inspired by any contest related to cartoons, captions, or cartoon captions in any other publication that exists now or has ever existed or shall ever exist. Territory shall include the entire universe. Contest entries become the property of The Stranger for eternity and can never be returned or discussed. Again, if you were thinking we got this idea from some other magazine, you should really stop being completely absurd because, frankly, and I didn't want to say this while your friends were here, but you're starting to embarrass yourself. Please send cartoon entries to: The Stranger's Caption Cartoon Contest, 1535 11th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122, or e-mail a reasonably good scan to