A little good news:

Medical marijuana appears to have put a dent in the opioid abuse epidemic, according to two studies published Monday. The research suggests that some people turn to marijuana as a way to treat their pain, and by so doing, avoid more dangerous addictive drugs. The findings are the latest to lend support to the idea that some people are willing to substitute marijuana for opioids and other prescription drugs. Many people end up abusing opioid drugs such as oxycodone and heroin after starting off with a legitimate prescription for pain. The authors argue that people who avoid that first prescription are less likely to end up as part of the opioid epidemic.

Who will break it to Jeff Sessions? (Ha-ha. As if Sessions or any other Republican gives a single dingleberry about data or research or facts. Climate change, immigration, health care, renewable energy, trade wars—when have they ever let facts interfere with their desire to burn the world down?)