In The Stranger's annual Regrets Issue, published January 2, we included an item that read: "In the 2018 midterms, 12 million more people voted for Democrats in Senate races than Republicans, yet those elephant motherfuckers are still in control of that chamber of government. We regret the Electoral College." This item was written by someone with a bachelor's degree in history, and edited by someone with a master's degree in nonfiction writing, and yet neither of them remembered that the Electoral College has fucking nothing to do with Senate races. Like, at all. While, yes, the Electoral College is the proverbial vestigial organ of the American election system, it should not come up in reference to how senators are elected. The item in question was unsigned, but in the interest of transparency, it was written by Jasmyne Keimig, who says she is dismayed in herself because she "got an A in AP Government." Her editor, Christopher Frizzelle, could not be reached for comment because he was too busy stabbing himself in the eyes.