If you are a politician or activist who got a weird phone call from Stranger reporter Lester Black recently, that was not Lester Black. An imposter—very likely a local Proud Boy—pretending to be Lester was placing calls to sources and claiming to be writing a story about how not all white supremacists are bad. For the record, all white supremacists are bad, and Lester himself was on vacation in Japan. While the unknown imposter was conducting fake interviews by phone, here's what Lester was actually doing: smoking cigarettes in a five-person Yokocho bar in Shibuya; scalding his nude body in a mountain hot spring; watching an entire village beat their 25-year-olds with flaming stakes in an annual Dosojin fire festival; seeing a Japanese macaque, also known as a snow monkey, in a tree at a ski area; spending one hour in a Tokyo love hotel; and eating so much ramen that he almost threw up in a trendy unmarked ramen shop. If you get a call or text from Lester and want to verify you're not being pranked, you can always e-mail lblack@thestranger.com to double check.