Crushing it.
Crushing it. Alex Garland

UPDATE: The latest numbers from the Washington State Democrats show Bernie Sanders winning in every county in Washington State and winning about 73 percent of the vote statewide. On the same day, he also won big in Alaska and Hawaii.

According to Washington Democrats spokesperson Jamal Raad, 230,000 people participated in the caucuses, just under the record 246,000 in 2008. (That's high turnout for a caucus, but doesn't compare to a primary election. In 2008, 691,000 people voted for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary even though Democrats in the state use the caucus, not the primary, to determine delegates, according to a spokesperson for the Washington Secretary of State's office.)

During Saturday's caucuses, 26,345 delegates were selected and assigned proportionally to Sanders and Clinton based on the results in each precinct. Over the spring, that group will be narrowed down at party conventions and a smaller group will be sent to the Democratic National Convention. Washington will also send 17 superdelegates, who can support either candidate, to the national convention. Sanders supporters are now urging those superdelegates to pledge support for Sanders.


After a day of high turnout at caucuses across Washington state, Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton with a decisive 72 percent of the vote, according to an update from the state party around 5 p.m.


In King County, Sanders is leading with 64 percent to Clinton's 36 percent.

Track the full results as they're updated right here.

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