It just concluded and people are raving about it.

I didn't catch it live and most likely you didn't either. So let's watch it together, Slog.

3:30: Okay, she gets right to it in the first four minutes: "Like many across our country and around the world, I believe the person the Republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job. Donald Trump's ideas aren't just different. They are dangerously incoherent. They're not even really ideas. Just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies."

6:30: We talk about Donald Trump's hair a lot, right? So it wouldn't necessarily be sexist for me to comment on Hillary's hair? And, really, all I wanna say is that her hair is on fleek, as the kids used to say (they're going to stop after hearing me use it.) Hillary looks rested, ready, and pulled together in this video—ready to kick the crap of Donald Trump.

14:52: The section of the speech about US alliances around the world—and about how Moscow and Beijing would celebrate Trump's election because of the damage it would do to those alliances—is great. "That's why it is no small, passing thing when he talks about leaving NATO, or says he'll stay neutral on Israel's security, it's not small thing when he calls Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers. We're lucky to have two friendly neighbors on our land borders. Why would he want to make one of them an enemy?" And she pivots to a stirring defense of diplomacy—and how it helped us avoid the war with Iran that Republicans were braying for.

18:30: Swooning to this: "Donald Trump doesn't know the first thing about Iran or its nuclear program. Ask him. It'll become very clear, very quickly. You know, there's no risk of people losing their lives if you blow up a golf course deal. But it doesn't work like that in world affairs. Just like being interviewed on the same episode of 60 Minutes as Putin was is not the same thing as actually 'dealing with Putin.' So the stakes in global of statecraft are infinitely higher and more complex than in the world of luxury hotels. We all know the tools that Donald Trump brings to the table. Bragging, mocking, composing nasty tweets. I'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now. But those tools won't do the trick. Rather than solving global crises, he would create new ones."

21:00: She brought up Trump's strange "affection for tyrants" who hate America. She name-checks North Korea's dictator — whom Trump praised for being "decisive" and "showing strength" when he, um, had his uncle killed. Surprised Hillary didn't mention that North Korea's state media called on Americans to choose Trump over "dull Hillary." The Guardian:

North Korean state media has praised US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, describing him as a “wise politician” and “far-sighted candidate” who could help unify the Korean peninsula. An editorial in DPRK Today, an official media outlet, welcomed the Republican presidential candidate’s proposal to hold direct talks with Kim Jong-un, saying he could help bring about Pyongyang’s “Yankee go home” policy.

The North Koreans think Donald Trump will "unify" the Korean peninsula by abandoning South Korea, our Democratic ally, and allowing North Korea to invade and seize control. La la la.

25:35: Nice: "This isn't reality television, this is actual reality."

30:00: "America stands up to countries that treat women like animals or people of different races, religions or ethnicities as less human." Unless the country is Saudi Arabia. Then we send in Ambassador Cole Porter to give them a nice little song-and-dance.

30:50: After describing the scene in the Situation Room when Barack Obama, after hearing from his divided advisors, made the decision to take out Osama Bin Laden. Lives hung in the balance. "It was a decision only a president could make. And when he did, it was as crisp and courageous a display of leadership as I've ever seen. Now imagine Donald Trump sitting in the Situation Room making life or death decisions on behalf of the United States. Imagine him deciding whether to send your spouses or children into battle. Imagine if he had not just his Twitter account at his disposal when he's angry, but America's entire arsenal."

Hey there, Madam President!