The trailer for the sixth and final season of HBO's Girls has been released. In it, Lena Dunham's Hannah Horvath seems like she's making progress on her writing career, after a lot of false starts. She's shown making a typically Hannah case for a magazine gig writing about—of all subjects—surfing: "I hate and maybe am allergic to sand," she tells a potential editor. And also sunshine, sunscreen, and joy.

Dunham and fellow showrunner Jenni Konner are deft as ever—turning every implied trajectory from last season's finale on its head. It appears that Marni Michaels is liasing with ex-husband Desi again, despite having and confessing her "love dreams" about Ray. Shoshanna Shapiro gets antagonistic with other women. Jessa Johansson hid her relationship with Hannah's ex, Adam, last season. Now everyone knows. Many voices shout. Most importantly, however, it appears that Hannah will finally have some authorial success, a product of tiny gains over the course of the entire show.

The trailer presents lines that are certain to irritate the people who live to be irritated by Dunham: "I don't give a shit about anything and simultaneously have opinions about everything." It also hints that the show's complicated friendships will extend beyond the time limits of its final episodes: "You think I'm going to stop being your friend now? After all this bullshit?"

The final season premieres on February 12. Until then, re-watch Hannah's Moth reading from the end of season 5: