Social media coward.
Social media coward. WASHINGTON STATE SENATE

Yesterday, I wrote about Dino Rossi walking around Washington's 8th district and spreading the myth that he balanced the state's 2003 budget while protecting vulnerable people, and without raising taxes. When I wrote to ask why he keeps repeating a lie he's been telling since at least 2008, he refused to respond.

Today, however, Rossi posted to Facebook a fawning letter to the editor of the Snoqualmie Valley Record, along with a slightly altered version of the very same lie:

This fucking guy.

Dino's old line—“I balanced the state budget with the biggest state deficit in history, and I did it by working across party lines"—has now slightly shifted to "we balanced the budget in Washington despite having the largest deficit in our state's history." As you can see in the above screenshot, I posted a link to my article yesterday and wrote that I was still awaiting comment from him.

But then I found out the motherfucker hid my comment!

This fucking guy.
This fucking guy.

As you know if you're a regular reader of my colleague Heidi Groover (which you should be!), back in November the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington sent a letter to state lawmakers and the governor warning them not to block their constituents on social media or to delete their posts.

Public officials can use "some reasonable, content-based regulation of the speech," like deleting off-topic or vulgar posts, Smith writes. But the complaints have included posts were on topic but critical of the lawmaker.

"This leads us to the conclusion that the lawmaker at hand and/or the administrators of his or her social media platform deleted particular posts and/or blocked particular individuals from participation based solely on the viewpoints expressed in those posts—a form of government censorship that violates the First Amendment," Smith writes.

You hear that? Government. Censorship.

Now, Rossi isn't an elected official, and so he's not really censoring me. (And even if he was, I'm not his constituent, so whatever.) But let this be a warning to the people of Washington's 8th district: If you demand transparency from Dino, he's going to pretend you don't exist. So much for those bipartisan negotiation skills!