Live look at our elections drowning in corporate money!
Live look at our elections drowning in corporate money! artisteer/Getty Images

The Big Soda coalition that wants to stop any and all future taxes on any and all groceries quietly cracked open another can of funding this morning.

The Yes on 1634 campaign, the anti-grocery tax, poured $7 million more dollars into their campaign. That brings their total campaign contributions to over $20 million.

Only 10 entities have contributed funds. Nearly $17 million alone has come from the Coca Cola Corporation and Pepsico Incorporated.

Out-of-state money and corporate interests have been a big topic of concern in this election, especially with initiatives like I-1634 and I-1631, the carbon fee. Last week, Sen. Reuven Carlyle announced that he will introduce legislation that will require the names of all donors that give over $50,000 to a ballot initiative campaign be listed on all advertising, Lester Black reported.

Currently, only 31 percent of voters support I-1634. It seems Big Soda is solving that problem the only way they know how—throwing more money at it.