Shep Smith? Never met him.
Judge Nap, you too??? Mark Wilson / Getty Images

It happened today on Fox News, so there's a good chance President Trump saw it.

The network's "senior judicial analyst," Judge Andrew Napolitano (who gets his title from a stint on the New Jersey Superior Court), declared that there's "ample" evidence to indict Trump at this point—and that the president is at least an unindicted co-conspirator in the electorate-misleading crimes of Michael Cohen. Trump may even be indicted already under seal, Judge Napolitano said.

And it's not just the Michael Cohen-related matters that contain peril for the president that's so clear it's breaking through on Fox.

Trump is now the subject of no fewer than 17 different federal investigations that, according to The Washington Post, touch "nearly every organization he has led in the past decade."