Today King County Elections tallied up 80,000 votes, leaving about 105,000 more to count in the 2022 midterm primaries. Tomorrow's drop "should get us most of the way there," according to a department spokesperson. Meanwhile, the rest of the state is looking at around 320,000 ballots still left to sort through. 

Though we still await many more votes, this latest drop produced a couple of interesting developments around the state. Let's run through the latest results. 

The big news out of these drops so far: Out in central Washington's 8th Congressional District, Republican King County Councilman Reagan Dunn conceded to failed Attorney General candidate Matt Larkin, according to The Seattle Times. Larkin now leads Dunn by nearly 3,000 votes and almost 2 full points. Incumbent Democratic Rep. Kim Schrier's vote share has dropped a point since election night, leaving her with 48%. Not ideal, but not insurmountable in the face of a Trumpian dude who would not tell the Times whether he believed Joe Biden won the election.  

In other biggish news, Stranger-endorsed candidate and disability advocate Darya Farivar inched ahead of child psychiatry advocate Lelach Rave in northeast Seattle's 46th Legislative District. Farivar, who raised way less money than the other candidates in one of the most expensive House primaries in the state, now leads by 48 votes. 

Meanwhile, over in Auburn, Never Trump Republican Chris Vance's bid to take down consummate weirdo and Trump-lovin' state Sen. Phil Fortunato looks increasingly grim. Vance now trails Fortunato by 15 points, 55 to 40. 

Continuing our tour of the suburbs, Stranger-endorsed candidate and former state Senator Claudia Kauffman now only has a 65-vote lead over the better-funded Kent City Councilmember Satwinder Kaur. Kauffman led Kaur by 114 votes on election night, so Kaur could catch up by tomorrow. The winner of this squeaker will go on to face Republican Kent City Council President Bill Boyce, who is probably feeling a little nervous with only 45.5% of the vote share. 

In the district's open House race, Stranger-endorsed candidate Shukri Olow increased her lead over a Republican vying for second place to 140 votes. If the drops keep going Olow's way, Democrats will have successfully boxed out Republicans in a race where the aggregate GOP vote total has reached 47 points so far. If only those dummies could have worked it out before the filing deadline, this could have been a scary one for Dems. 

In Kitsap County, incumbent Democratic Sen. Emily Randall lost another point to the Legislature's biggest brat, Republican House Rep. Jesse Young. She now leads by only 8 whole-ass points. Not bad so far for a district that Democratic operatives assumed they would lose. 

Up north, the Democrats looking to sweep Whatcom County's three legislative seats are still hovering around 47 or 48 points individually or as a party. Expect volunteer resources and dollars to flow that way from now until November. I'll swing over to Island County for an update on the races there once the county gets its act together. 

And finally, the socialists challenging the establishment Dems in Congress remain iced out of the general. Jason Call still needs nearly four points to take second place up in the 2nd Congressional District, Rebecca Parson is still mired in single digits, and in the 9th Congressional District, perennial Republican candidate Doug Basler now leads socialist candidate Stephanie Gallardo by 7,900 votes. That's an increase of 2,000 votes from yesterday, which very likely cements him as the second-place finisher in that Bellevue / South King County district.