Looks like you are missing Leg 46 Pos 2. Gerry Pollet vs Hadeel Jeanne.


Although perhaps Jeanne has withdrawn, but remains on the ballot?


I am SO incredibly grateful for this list. Otherwise I would have no idea which direction to cast my ballot. THANK YOU.


You lost me with voting No on Prop 1A & 1B. Either choice is better than our current voting method, and yet you recommend we wait until we find the hypothetical "perfect" method? Nah, the time is now. Vote YES for whichever you think is best! I agree with you on RVC (1B).


Props 1A and 1B .. The Stranger says vote NO on either and YES on ranked choice (1B). Good endorsement on 1B (ranked choice voting, which is tested and works), but BAD choice on "No."

VOTE YES and then pick 1B.

1A is basically a more streamlined way of getting to the same place as 1B, but it hasn't been test-driven, so to speak. And we desparately need, in our election system, a way of getting past the "lesser of two evils" issue (often dominated by the big money and, yes, the swamp) whatever side of the political debate you fall in on, and without splitting the vote between multiple candidates for either side of the fence.

But if you vote "no," we'll probably wind up, in effect, with the Seattle Times recommends. Which is the same old, same old. And this is a great opportunity for fairer elections. In effect, you dropped the ball, Stranger, though you got it right on 1B. 1A would be good too, and probably cheaper. (But it hasn't really been tested; it's moreso a matter of logic when you think it through. Which I had the advantage of doing with some mathy nerds.) Vote YES.

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