This afternoon King County Elections tallied up around 46,000 more votes countywide, representing the dregs from last night's count. Ballot drops scheduled for Thursday and Friday afternoons include nearly all the ballots collected from drop boxes on election day, plus incoming mail ballots, which will continue to trickle in all week.

Since those last-minute ballots typically lean to the left, we'll get a better sense of where the candidates stand tomorrow, but today's drop does indicate a slight settling leftwards. 


In the race to replace King County Council Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles in King County Council District 4, former Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Director Jorge Barón slightly extended his lead over Assistant Attorney General Sarah Reyneveld by a point-and-a-half. He now leads 48.4% to 30%.

Down in King County Council District 8, Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda increased her lead over Burien Mayor Sophia Aragon by a couple points. Mosqueda's now up 17 points, 56% to 39%. 


In West Seattle's District 1, labor queen Maren Costa gained a liiiiiiittle ground with 30% of the vote count today, and tech lawyer Rob Saka maintained 25%. Phil Tavel remains four points behind Saka. 

Over in South Seattle's District 2, incumbent City Council Member Tammy Morales gained a point over Chinatown-International District advocate Tanya Woo, and now leads 49% to 45%. 

Up in District 3, which covers Capitol Hill and the Central District, cannabis business owner Joy Hollingsworth chalked up 39% of the vote share and urbanist Alex Hudson put up 34%, representing a one-point loss for Hollingsworth and a two-point gain for Hudson. I wonder if Hudson might end up overtaking Hollingsworth by Friday? Might be kinda fun. 

Continuing north up to District 4, Urbanist Father Ron Davis added a little to his lead. He now leads allegedly bad boss Maritza Rivera 42% to 33.5%, a gain of a point-and-a-half. 

Even farther north in District 5, not much changed. Former judge Cathy Moore maintains her lead with 32% of the vote, but the real action here involves Stranger-endorsed equity consultant ChrisTiana ObeySumner and community advocate Nilu Jenks. Last night, ObeySumner led Jenks by exactly 300 votes. Now ObeySumner leads by 483, 22% to 19%. 

Heading west to Ballard's District 6, incumbent Seattle City Council Member Dan Strauss still leads Fremont Chamber of Commerce Director Pete Hanning 51% to 30%. 

Ending up in downtown Seattle's District 7, City Council Member Andrew Lewis increased his lead over Bob Kettle by 1.5 points. He now leads Kettle 42% to 32.4%. 

School Board 

District 1 Director Liza Rankin added a point to her lead over Debbie Carlsen, making the race 59.4% to 23.4%. 

And in District 3, Evan Briggs adds a point to her lead over Ben Gitenstein, 38% to 33%. Christie Robertson maintains at 28%.