After yesterday's big drop, today's update on the King County primary elections only tallied up ~23,000 more votes, leaving a little more than 3,700 "challenged" ballots (i.e. ballots with signature issues) left to count countywide. 

The results continue the trend from yesterday, with these later returns trending more progressive, but nobody moved that much. 

If you want to take a look at precinct-level results to see how people on your block voted, then check out this new dashboard from Washington Community Alliance. The precinct-level stuff comes from election night, but they'll update when the County releases the full numbers in a couple weeks. 

Anyhow, let's dig in! 


After this afternoon's ballot drop, former Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Director Jorge Barón increased his lead over Assistant Attorney General Sarah Reyneveld by a little less than a point. He now leads 51% to 29% in the race to replace King County Council Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles in King County Council District 4. 

In the race between Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda and Burien Mayor Sophia Aragon to replace King County Council Member Joe McDermott in District 8, Mosqueda added a smidge to her tally today. She's now up 20 points, 57.6% to 37.6%. 


No change in the race to represent West Seattle in District 1. Former tech worker Maren Costa still leads tech lawyer Rob Saka 33% to 24%.

No change over in South Seattle's District 2, where incumbent City Council Member Tammy Morales still leads Chinatown-International District advocate Tanya Woo 52% to 43%. 

Yesterday up in District 3, which covers Capitol Hill and the Central District, former Transportation Choices Coalition Director Alex Hudson trailed cannabis business owner Joy Hollingsworth by a mere 161 votes. After the latest drop, she now trails by 112 votes, 37% to 36.5%. Not quite enough to overtake big business' pick in the race, but maybe the challenged ballots will go her way. 

Continuing north up to District 4, Urbanist Father Ron Davis still leads allegedly bad boss Maritza Rivera 45% to 32%. No gain. 

Former judge Cathy Moore still leads in north Seattle's District 5 with 31% of the vote, and Stranger-endorsed equity consultant ChrisTiana ObeySumner chalked up 24 percentage points. No gain. 

Heading west to Ballard's District 6, incumbent Seattle City Council Member Dan Strauss retained his commanding lead over Fremont Chamber of Commerce Director Pete Hanning, 52% to 29%. 

Ending up in downtown Seattle's District 7, City Council Member Andrew Lewis's lead over Bob Kettle grew by a bit. He now leads Kettle 43.5% to 31.5%. 

School Board

District 1 Director Liza Rankin added half a point to her lead over Debbie Carlsen, making the race 61% to 22%. 

And in District 3, Evan Briggs added nothing to her lead over Ben Gitenstein. That race remained at 40% to 31.4%, with Christie Robertson holding steady at 28%.