Elizabeth Spiers in 2003, the year Gawker was founded
Elizabeth Spiers in 2003, the year Gawker was founded Doc Searle

Today, we've been paying homage to our comrades in journalism, the often great, often problematic Gawker.com, who announced today that they will be ceasing publication next week. Stranger staff compiled their favorite Gawker stories earlier today, so editor-in-chief, Tricia Romano, who has her own history with the website, ask their founding editor, Elizabeth Spiers, to share her favorite post.

She picked "The Quest for the Perfect Coke Dealer"

This one was my first longer piece, and I still have a soft spot for it because I wrote it before I was really aware that Gawker had readers in any meaningful sense and was just kind of doing what I thought would be interesting or funny with no expectations. I felt like we could be really experimental, and sometimes it even worked.

Here is Spiers talking to Recode Media with Peter Kafka about the end of Gawker.

EOD=End of Day. We're done. Go home. Goodnight, Gawker.