Silent Reading Party


Hotel Sorrento First Hill
First Wednesdays, 6 pm


Sorrento Hotel

Recommended by Christopher Frizzelle

The silent-reading party turns nine years old in 2018. For almost a decade, people have been gathering in the Fireside Room of the Sorrento Hotel to escape the distractions of the city, and the distractions of their cell phones, to read silently to themselves in overstuffed chairs or couches in front of the fire while waiters bring them things and Paul Moore plays exquisite piano. It’s an odd phenomenon—nothing happens—but it’s as popular as ever. At last month’s party, there was a line out the door. Get there at least an hour early for prime seating.

There will be no Silent Reading Party on July 4, 2018.

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Hotel Sorrento

900 Madison St, Seattle, WA