Dirty Projectors

Crocodile (map) Belltown
Thurs June 21, 8 pm All Ages

Dirty Projector’s 2005 release The Getty Address was the type of album an artist releases right before they vanish from the music biz; the glitch-hop opera breached numerous critics top 10 lists for ’05, and even motivated Prefuse 73 to declare that he’s “quitting music.” An epic concept album replete with tons of electronics and even a mini-orchestra, The Getty Address stands as one of the most imaginative and unique records I’ve heard in ages. At times, the fusion of strings and chorus with heavy bass rolls and programmed beats can initially feel a bit jarring. But taken as whole, everything about The Getty Address jives perfectly, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice a catchy hook in order to experiment with new sounds and new ideas.

Tickets go on sale 3/9 at 10 a.m.

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2200 Second Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Hours: Tue-Fri 11 am-2 am, Sat 9a m-2 am, Sun 9 am-3 pm.

Venue Hours
  • Tue-Fri 11 am-2 am, Sat 9a m-2 am, Sun 9 am-3 pm.
Event Times
  • Thurs June 21, 8 pm
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