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Angela Garbes

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Third Place Books Seward Park Rainier Valley
Wed July 18, 7 pm


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Recommended by Sean Nelson

One of the finest writers who ever worked at this newspaper, Angela Garbes (author of “The More I Learn About Breast Milk, the More Amazed I Am,” the 2015 story that broke our website’s traffic records) presents her first book, an investigative reflection on an aspect of childbirth that receives surprisingly little attention from the medical establishment or the baby book publishing industry: the mental and physical health of the mother. "Your OB will cautiously quote statistics, online sources will scare you with conflicting and often inaccurate information, and even the most trusted books will offer information with a heavy dose of judgment," Garbes writes.

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Third Place Books Seward Park

5041 Wilson Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 474-2200

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This event is in the past.
  • Wed July 18, 7 pm