Feels like Seattle fashion.... Tony Anderson / GETTY



"Now think of Henri Bergson's theory of élan vital. The key point of this theory has been missed by brilliant and blunt commentators alike."

You've reached an enviable level of smugness Charles. Well done.


Oh, wow - I remember that fake slang thing. Swinging on the flippity-flop, lol. What blast from the past. 30 years ago, jeeze.


i’m jettisoning my scuba gear
as soon as the blessed rain washes
the aerial grunge away!


@2: Lamestain. ;-)


"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." - Oscar Wilde




A man who can walk into a quality restaurant for dinner, and not feel at least a little embarrassed for not wearing a jacket and tie, is not man I want to associate with.


Speaking of fashion and cultural anthropology - I do find it interesting that (at least in Seattle), humans are the one species where it seems the plumage of the male of the species is much duller than the female.

Whereas the male peacock has the glorious tail feathers, the bull elk the magnificent antlers, and so on, you go into any bar or cafe here and the typical couple is where the female has a really nice outfit and is on-point with her clothes and makeup, while the guy looks - well - pretty much like a laborer at best and an unshaven transient at worst.


@8 you obviously don't know my friends.

Purple Mark, many others, they dress to impress and have success.


"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." - Oscar Wilde

Just look at who most of the designers are, and draw your own conclusions.

Seattle was founded on being ‘Outfitters’ for the massive removal of natural resources. (I own a tiny pair of 1940s womens logging boots…) The practicality of those weatherproof designs has endured and spread worldwide. Only a Jewish gold panner has done better: Levi Strauss.


Dressing in a Grunge style was around long before anyone called it that. Looking back at my youth thru the 70's and 80's I would call it Carpenter Chic.


Ya gotta be dreamin. We do casual cold rainy comfort well but the Dutch and Norse are masters at it . I visited a French cafe in Tokyo (near Shibuya, if you've lived there you know the one) and was well out of my fashion depth.


dress for the Shite
& let the fashion
fascists' shame
not be your

if it's Wintry &
I'm Cozy
Fuk off


Seattle lacks the sophistication of big cities like Paris, NYC, SF, LA, Tokyo, Milan and is a sports town with a sports mentality. Sounders and Seahawks garb is the height of fashion.


Interesting that you'd post this article just as Atelier NYC is opening in the former Totokaeolo space. I agree that Seattle isn't very fashionable since I have eyes that see, but there's clearly some, however marginal sartorial interest among us. Why Atelier chose to open a west coast location here is really confusing since SF and LA exist and seem like a more lucrative fit, but whatever.

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