1. Aruba installations typically include the following software/OS and components. Which of these is the city of Seattle using (or planning to use) in the system?

AirWave Management Platform (AMP)

RAPIDS rogue identification

Visual RF mapping module

TotalWatch RF spectrum analyzer

ALE Analytics and Location Engine (API)

2. What are some of the current and potential uses of the mesh network, besides transmitting video from cameras? (I know you've answered this at public meetings, but I wonder if the department has a specific operational protocol.)

3. Does the department use, or plan to use, the capability of the mesh network to geo-locate wireless devices (cell phones, laptops, anything with a MAC address)?

4. Has the SPD performed any tests, either in the pilot projects (Mardi Gras, fireworks) or in conjunction with the newly installed system, of device location capabilities?

5. Has the city performed any searches for specific devices (either affiliated with the network or rogue) via MAC addresses or other device identifier? If so, what were the results of those tests?

6. What is the operational status of the mesh network? The WAPs can be seen actively broadcasting SSIDs downtown. That means AirWave is running now, correct?

7. Does the SPD consider the mesh network itself, apart from the camera components, subject to the city council's surveillance ordinance (124142)?

8. At a public forum, Assistant Chief McDonagh said that none of the components of this system would be connected to the Washington State Fusion Center. But the RFP and contracts all show that connection built into the system. What is the current status of that decision (to not connect to the fusion center), and is it codified anywhere in documentation?

9. Has the SPD provided protocols for the use of the mesh network to the city council, and is there any plan to include provisions about the use of the network to locate physical devices?

10. Has the SPD obtained any opinions from the city attorney (or other counsel) about the need to obtain warrants based on information obtained through the mesh network, in terms of tracking device metadata, device location, or other aspects of the mesh network functionality?

11. Who manages the data in the network and the associated control software? Is that managed in-house by SPD, DoIT, or is there a third party or contractor who manages it?

12. Does the SPD log or retain any information from the operation of the system and, if so, for how long? Is there a department protocol established for that yet?

13. Are there any after-action reports/write-ups either from the department or provided to the department after the Mardi Gras or Fourth of July pilot projects? Would the SPD be willing to share those?

14. With regard to the PSGP08 grant itself, what amount of grant funds remain unspent? And the RFP details the purchase of six "marine grade motion stabilized" cameras. Have those been purchased yet? Is it still the plan to purchase six?

15. How far up the chain of command was this project approved?

16. Someone sent me a screenshot of a smartphone downtown (attached below). Are the networks named after intersections ("4th&Seneca," etc.) WAPs for the Aruba mesh network?