Westward on Lake Union

Westward's interior looks like Wes Anderson designed it, which might be a bit much for some people—the diorama-fantasia shaped like a ship behind the bar is really, really cute—but no one could argue with the straight-up greatness of the outdoor seating. It is directly on the shore of north Lake Union, so there's an unbeatable view of the downtown skyline, looking like a distant dream of busyness across the sparkling water. (Those with yachts, sailboats, or even lowly rental kayaks can boat right up to Westward's dock.) Seaplanes taking off and landing will make out-of-towners lose their minds. There are Adirondack chairs for afternoon sun, and fire pits surrounded by oyster shells for eveningtime. The tables have stripy sun umbrellas that flutter picturesquely in the breeze. A jauntily painted run-aground rowboat overflows with flowers. It's so wonderful, you might pass out, and the seafood-centered menu is great, too, though it isn't cheap. Hint: Enjoy $6 house wine and/or $4 beers on the midday menu (4 to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 2:30 to 5 p.m. Friday, 3 to 5 p.m. weekends). Another hint: Ride your bike to Westward on the Burke-Gilman Trail. It's gorgeous out there. BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT

Marination Ma Kai on Alki

Marination is the food of my dreams. Succulent marinated meat, rich smoky kalua pork, spicy/tangy kimchi nuggets, a blend of Hawaiian and Korean cuisines... The keyboard is now covered in drool. Marination deserves your mouth's attention. How better, then, to enjoy some of Seattle's finest food than in one of Seattle's finest outdoor spaces? Bright umbrellas and lights right out on Alki, a view so deliriously wonderful even non-tourists can't stop taking pictures, a walk-up bar with daily specials, a mixture of quirk and elegance that isn't cloying. At this beachfront location, Marination also serves fish and chips, with a light, crispy breading on thick pieces of fish, and they have miso or kimchi tartar and malt ponzu available. It's great as a neighborhood joint, as a show-off spot for out-of-towners, or as a date night. And we know, we know—Marination Ma Kai is a couple years old now, but if you live on the mainland, you probably haven't visited yet. Don't let another summer go by. And get a shave ice for dessert, DUH. ANNA MINARD

Von Trapp's on Capitol Hill

Inside Von Trapp's, the cavernous, sprawling space can make you feel dwarfish. But the drab parking lot next door has finally been transformed into a new, partially covered outdoor “biergarten”—complete with its own bar, picnic tables, and bocce ball court ($5 per person per hour)—so head out there. It’s open until 10 p.m. (and all-ages during the day), making it primarily a casual lunch or dinner destination. On the TVs, catch Sounders matches. On the menu, choose from an enormous selection of German brews. The last thing you must know is how to say hello in German: “Guten tag!” ANSEL HERZ

Chuck's Hop Shop in the Central District

There's been a Hop Shop in Ballard for a while, but this similar beerporium in the Central District just opened this year. It's got 50 beers on tap, which is, honestly, altogether too many beers for the reasonable, but for the curious, the glutton, the fan of variety, the beer nerd, this is your spot. The shop is cavernous inside, with lots of seats; the deck outside is an urban deck, a bit of city space reclaimed. It's small and wooden and on a busy tree-lined street, the tables close but friendly. The dogs of beer drinkers—dogs who are practiced at waiting around pubside—lounge and look on. Please order flights if you want to drink all 50, but also, for a simple pint on a summer night? This is lovely. ANNA MINARD recommended

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