Earlier this month, on the typically unlucky day of Friday the 13th, a very good thing happened: Kill Rock Stars released Seattle band Wimps' new album, Suitcase. The LP is packed with catchy slacker-punk anthems that celebrate the mundane—songs like "Basement," "Dump," "Couches," and "Old Guy."

"We had already written, practiced, and played all the songs, and we felt ready to record," says bassist Matt Nyce while doing pull-ups. "But then the day before we went into record, we watched Vampire's Kiss with Nicolas Cage for inspiration. Later we started jamming, and voilà, a new song, "Vampire," appeared, and it practically wrote itself!"

Aside from band practice, how do Wimps stay in such great shape? "Staying healthy requires exercise," singer/guitarist Rachel Ratner says. "At the beginning and end of each day, all three of us do lateral phone lifts. Lie in bed and hold your phone nine inches from your face, lower it slowly to five inches, and then extend your arm fully. This can be repeated for up to 20 minutes. Also, after a hard workout, we like to unwind with a Diet Sprite or light beer. Both have less calories but still all the great taste." recommended

Wimps play the Funhouse on December 11.