"One of painter Bob Ross's best quotes was probably 'We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents,'" says Benjamin Verellen. "I mean, what's more encouraging than that?"

Verellen is an audio engineer who created Verellen Amplifiers, a company that builds and sells custom-designed guitar amps. He is also a longtime musician—currently playing drums in the band Constant Lovers and guitar in metal band Helms Alee. Just last summer, he started painting using name-brand Bob Ross oil paints and brushes. He now has 19 landscape paintings hanging in a show called Places of Interest at Cafe Pettirosso through the end of February.

"It seemed like a more productive way to spend a summer than just drinking beer." Hell yes to that.

Verellen's productivity continues: A new Helms Alee record is due out this summer, with a new Constant Lovers release to follow in the fall.