Jana Brevick, photographed at the Giant Steps exhibit at King Street Station. Kelly O

Jana Brevick wears so many hats, she had to invent a new title to describe her medium: experimental interactionist. A metalsmith who creates both modern sculptural work for art galleries and one-of-a-kind small edition works like jewelry, Brevick is also a stylist and a trained tailor. She makes unconventional objects that defy tradition—often because of their unexpected use of materials and otherworldly size and scale. She turned a basketball hoop into a crystal chandelier at SOIL Gallery. The day I met her for this photo, she was wearing a ring with a silver bauble the size of a golf ball attached to it. She gives a curious magic to ordinary-seeming objects.

One of the more than 60 artists showing at Giant Steps—a conceptual group exhibition that asked participants to create works as if they had a 48-hour artist residency on the moon. Brevick's piece in the show is called Treasure Hunt.

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"It's essentially the idea that if a human or even a nonhuman explorer went to the moon, they could find these shiny gold spheres there," Brevick says of Treasure Hunt. "We all like shiny things, especially, probably, the humans who will live in the future. I also chose gold because it actually could exist on the moon, in the extreme heat and extreme cold—and it wouldn't corrode over time, gold is forever."

Giant Steps: Artist Residency on the Moon runs March 3–April 3 at King Street Station.