HEY SCHMEN: Maybe it’s your tendency for insane cult obsessions & mystic boards & fortune tellers or maybe it’s just that you keep getting more awesome. I love u Peter Gamlen
JAMIE THE FISHERMAN: If you bait the hook, I’ll hold the pole. Love, the Woman in Waders Peter Gamlen
MY MAGIC SQUIRREL: Magic squirrel, this is our year. Just know that this unicorn’s got your back. Gustav and Lola forever. Peter Gamlen
SILVER FOX STEVE: Thnx for being my butter half these last few months, loafing around with me on rainy weekends, helping me out of a jam when I need it. A toast to us! Peter Gamlen
YOU’RE MY LOBSTER: Can you believe it’s our 19th Valentine’s? Even through all the craziness, I’d still choo-choo-choose you, every time. I love you, bubbie, F.A.T.S. XO Peter Gamlen
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