I Awoke but Couldn't Move. I Tried to Scream but Couldn't Even Do That.

The terrifying experience of sleep paralysis.


Looks like a night Iggy Pop to me.
surely some crystal can help to appreciate this hag and variants, who is kindly mixing the states we wish to refract and not enjoy.
Eh, I've had this since I was a preteen. If anyone wants to try, I've been able to induce sleep paralysis by taking a midday nap and, once I'm on the brink of sleep, "willing" myself awake. It usually takes a few seconds before I can move again. Kinda interesting experience.
I have had this happen periodically over the years. I didn't panic at all though. It was clear to me I was caught between two states.

Isn't that interesting. That the same physical experience can be processed emotionally very differently.

Of course, I didn't have a deepest darkest fear of being locked in....
I had this happen for the first time about two years ago. In my case, however, I was barely even able to breathe. A few tiny lung spasms were all I could muster. Physically paralyzed and in a state of absolute terror, I was somehow able to will myself to slowly, ever so slowly, begin to twitch a finger - then barely move my hand; arm; neck; and finally be able to move my chest to be able to breathe. It was like being born again.

Once awake and shaking with a mix of terror and relief, I had half a mind to hit the ER. Goddamn frightening, that. It happened three or four more times that year, although never as bad as the initial experience, and then it vanished - hopefully to never return. And it couldn't have been the night hag, for she was sleeping beside me throughout. That one-night-wife was none the wiser to the guy from Cha Cha nearly dying in the bed beside her.
“According to my coworker, a night hag is the spirit of a restless woman who enters people's bedrooms at night and either sits on their chest or has sex with them, she couldn't remember which”. Come November 7th I imagine that memory will snap right back into place!
I get up early, 3-4 am and drink coffee. As I scoot out the non retirees from home I stop drinking coffee, 6ish, I take a nap,1/2 hour to 1hr around 7 to 8. These are the most Vivid dreams you can imagine, it must have to do with the caffeine wearing off. Some times I can control my actions. Look forward to every morning nap.
This is just another night for me. I thought everyone did that.
When sleep paralysis happens to me I give myself over to it. I sink into a calm state, and let it be. Prior t that it would jolt and haunt me, almost making me afraid to sleep.

When it first hits I am jolted, don't get me wrong, but I realize what's going on, and I kinda just mediate myself into a calm state and enjoy the ride.

My attitude is: If I die I die.
I had 3-5 instances of sleep paralysis per month from the time I was 4 years old -- in addition to hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations. On April 20th, I started a high fat diet (ketogenic) to treat vertigo. I have continued on a high-fat diet since the vertigo abated and have not had a single instance of sleep paralysis since.
Been There; done That! ( & it was one the scariest experiences I've EVER had.)