It's that time of year again—the dark time, the wet time, the why-do-I-live-here time. You live here because Seattle is the Amsterdam of the United States. Sure, the city has amazing culture, fine dining, world-famous music, jagged horizons, and greenery—but it's the greenery you can smoke legally that sets this city apart. Cannabis can make the creepy gloom of our wintertime metropolis magical.

Have you ever gotten super blazed and just gone for a long walk? That's what Chase Burns does a lot this time of year. He describes this very DIY depression remedy (and some of the weird stuff he's found on the street lately) here.

If you're looking for a winter sport but don't like the idea of barreling down a mountain as fast as gravity will take you, have you considered snowshoeing? Amber Cortes has some pointers for potheads in particular here.

Sometimes the key to being happy in Seattle is getting the hell out—and there's an international border two-and-a-half hours away. Maybe you feel like skipping the country for a weekend? Are you aware of how beautiful Canada is? Have you ever wondered what happens to you at the border if a drug-sniffing dog IDs your vehicle? Katie Herzog learned the hard way, by taking a trip with a whole bunch of weed in her car. Read more about her misadventure here.

If you prefer to snooze the gloom away, Lester Black has been looking into the science of smoking weed and sleep. Why don't stoners remember their dreams? Do stoners even have dreams? He asked some scientists these questions. Their answers are here.

Since this is the season of staying home and slowly fusing yourself to your couch, we've provided activities, too: an adult- coloring-book-style cover here (it's also a contest with prizes!), and a hidden pictures game (high-lights for adults, get it?) here.

Of course, the best way to cure the monocloud blues is to go out into the city—to see a concert, to eat some dumplings, to see something on the big screen. The staff of The Stranger has combed through the winter calendar and found a few things we think would be greatly enhanced by being high as balls. Our winter High List is here.