ICE Is a Terrifying and Faceless Federal Agency. Here’s the Face of the Guy Who Runs the Seattle Office. Fuck Him.



Yeah Jesus Christ Dan, its not like this guy is out to break families apart for no reason. ICE is rounding up known criminals who have take part in violent crimes and gang related activites but you want to give them safe haven here in our city? I love your articles Dan, but my god...get your head out of your @$$.

People who work for ICE seem just as bad or worse than the people they're deporting, so fuck this guy indeed. I hope his actions follow him and haunt him for the rest of his life. I wouldn't want Moore's karma following me around, that is 4 sure.
I hope that photo and that headline are on the cover of the print edition.
Thank you Dan. It is indeed time to name and shame the bureaucrats who are responsible for these actions. They are not good people. They are examples of the banality of evil.
@2 I suggest you read the article more closely.
@1 I have been told that I am kind and always seem to be able to find the good in people. In regards to you, I'm afraid I'm going to fail in that.
A healthy fear of powerful and faceless federal agencies that set out to engineer the society they want, regardless of what the public at large wants?

What took you so long?
Who fires up the right wing trolls to get dibs on first posts? I'm happy to listen to alternate views on important topics such as this, but so far the right hasn't made any convincing arguments, just lies that barely shade the racism that Savage points out.

Fuck that guy, and fuck anyone who thinks ICE is "making America great."
It's astonishing to me that we have so many examples, like this one, where regular people are put in a position of control and power and begin to do terrible things to people in their community. I'm not talking just about Mark Moore, but more importantly the lower-ranking agents who actually do the work, make the arrests, and execute the decisions made from higher up. And yet the same people who are outraged at this phenomenon still want the government to control more things, like their healthcare. My interpretation is that is just so much cognitive dissonance, and I do not understand it.
Why don't you confront him Dan? You won't. Because you don't want to jeopardize all of your other opportunities you have in Hollywood and New York, etc.

You want others to do it, so you can write about it. You're Spineless.
so, open borders then?
@11: Topic? Arguments? This is a two minute hate thread. No one is debating anything, it is for impotent rage and internet tough guy muscle flexing.

I mean, look at the moron at #10 who wants his home address, as if he would do a damn thing if he had it.
LOL at every white person commenting. You are all squatters and have no right to an opinion. Go back to Europe.
given he seems a living incarnation of Heinrich Himmler.

Holy crap, you're right!
This is really good, every alt-weekly in the country should do the same. Anyone defending ICE should fuck off.
@7: A clever juxtaposition; however, while the left's social engineering could be infuriating, short-sighted, infringing, and a host of other miseries it hasn't been never been as cruel, vengeful, and blatantly inhumane as ICE is now.

@8: You're right.
April 02, 2012 License

Marc J. Moore, ICE Miami field office director for enforcement and removal operations, speaks about ICE arresting more than 3,100 convicted criminal aliens and immigration fugitives in nationwide operation, from the Plantation, Florida office this Monday afternoon, April 2, 2012.

Moore has been with Isis since at least 2004 according to his LinkedIn profile.…

This man worked for ICE during Obama's entire presidency.
He was made head of "the Plantation" during Obama's presidency.

These atrocities are not new.

I remember so many people saying that when Hillary won, we were going to hold her responsible for her actions.
Why would anybody believe that? We didn't hold Barack Obama responsible for his actions.

Democrats are going to be in control of the White House and Congress again someday.
I hope we pay attention, and hold them responsible for their actions.

Yes, Trump has made the situation worse, but the situation was already bad when Trump's fat ass came down the escalator at Trump Tower declaring Mexicans Bad Hombres and promising to "Build the Wall".
In #20 ISIS should read ICE.

Thanks autocorrect, that was great.
@21: A Freudian autocorrect.
@20 "The lesser of two evils is less evil". Nobody is denying that shitty stuff happens under Democratic presidents too.
@12 Semi-

Check out Zimbardo's 1970s prison experiment at Stanford: "Our planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress."

Strong piece, Dan.
Well said, Dan.
Where's his office?
Do with it what you will:
ICE - Seattle Field Office
Address: 12500 Tukwila International Boulevard - Seattle, WA, 98168
Phone: (206) 835-0650
What a spooky looking guy. He's right out of the past, like the creeps around Hoover etc.
Yes, it rips my heart out each time I see an article come up about this on fb. Why? These are families working and contributing to their country. And trump wants his military parade and to shoot drug dealers (like his buddy in the Philipines).
Lotta keyboard commandos here today.

You weak chin motherfuckers couldn’t bust a grape if you were tossing a fruit salad.

Sit down and shut up.
ICE is there with prison guards in the dregs of society.
@31, +1
Ever since ICE agents dragged a ten year old disabled child out of her hospital bed and jailed her rather than - allowing her to stay with her parents while her case was adjudicated - as has been standard practice prior to the Trump administration - I’ve assumed everyone still working for this agency is some sort of sociopath or sadist.
Thanks Dan. There are loads of organizations in Washington that demonstrate against ICE and against the detention center in Tacoma. Just FYI.
I wouldn’t worry. Trump is threatening pulling ICE out of California and if he does then there isn’t anything that says he wont do the same thing in Oregon or Washington. Something that would be very cost effective for the government AND make sanctuary cities happy!
Ask these local ICE terrorists how they sleep at night

Sylvie Renda, Assistant Field Office Director 206-835-0056

Kathlyn Lawrence, Supervisory Detention Deportation Officer 206-835-0075
Where the fuck will it all end? All of the misery Trump is raining down on the country in every imaginable way. Where? Absolutely revolting what they are doing, terrorizing an entire already vulnerable community, the vast, vast majority of which are as law abiding as any of us, if not more.
All of Slog's most toxic trolls are making sure to appear in the comment thread here. Not a surprise, really.
Those who would call these folks "criminals" based solely on the fact that they came here illegally ... do you understand that they, like all humans, need to eat? That they didn't flee their homes and countries - all that they had ever known - because they wanted to ... but out of the most basic survival and safety needs?

If that wasn't the case ... they wouldn't have left. Food costs money. Generally speaking, money is secured through the holding of a job of one sort of another. Generally speaking, the countries desperate people flee are desperate, genuinely "shithole" places that also lack opportunity.

In order to survive, people always have, and always will, if they can, flee war torn, drug-cartel overrun, desperate, dangerous places that lack opportunity.

As would you, if you didn't win the birth-lottery by being U.S. born.

And unless you are native American, so would and did ... your ancestors.
This utility pole adjacent the sidewalk outside of ICE DOR Seattle Field Office (located at
12500 Tukwila International Boulevard, Seattle, WA, 98168) could use about a dozen images of this week's cover stapled to it.
Thank you for this extraordinary writing and shining the light on the individual pulling the strings on this ugly business that's happening in our fair city. So helpful and cathartic to read! Yes! Call them out! Brilliant. One of the best articles the Stranger has published this year.
Counterpoint - you might as well F your mother or your father or your friend or anyone else you know who has a job and, you know, has rules to follow and stuff. Local officials (not ELECTED officials) don't make policy, they are beholden to it. Everyone answers to someone, even our "President". Threatening people who follow the law and policy of their jobs is childish at best, dangerous at worst. Ask yourself, do you agree with every rule that's in place in your workplace? Mark Moore could be anyone and here you sit behind a keyboard judging him, her, whoever it will be. You want change, then go make change by doing something productive instead of...doing whatever it is you are doing. In the mean time i'm sure that every local cop or ICE officer will immediately quit their jobs because Trump blah blah blah who cares about their careers they can get jobs at McDonald's with you guys, or The Stranger cause that will fix all your problems for you.
ICE is just a part of the DICTATOR TRUMP GESTAPO. Disgusting bunch of low life and when we as a country start tearing family's apart we are going to hell fast.
Wow, just saw the print edition and this asshole IS on the cover! Bravo!
@48. Whoa. Internet tough guy over here!
@1, @13, @33, and @44: STFU already.

That's really clever! FTW, right?
Great heads up Dan. Now, if you can only tell us were the Jews live.
ICE is repugnant. They use dishonest and immoral tactics to terrorize people. The Nothwest Detention center is a vile place and a blight on our state.

Jews live in their homes.
If you don't like the previous administrations laws or policies, then change them. Isolating and blaming individuals as If it will change the current law or policy Is silly. Change the source of the problem.
"Every day ICE rounds up more and more law-abiding but undocumented residents of the United States...." law-abiding a 2ndd undocumented.....hmmmm how do those goes together? This statement proves to me that the writer is a complete moron. Understand the mission and stop being so blind to the media and their "breaking families apart" argument. So when criminals get arrested and are locked up, isn't that breaking families apart? So LE shouldn't arrest anyone. STFU.
Welcome to the police state.

What ICE and law enforcement do are not the same thing at all. The experiences of people charged with crimes and involved in the criminal justice system are very different from those being detained, in deportation, or targeted by ICE.
There is no moral justification for what ICE does. It doesn't just round up the tiny minority of undocumented humans who commit crime(the undocumented have been shown to have a massively lower crime rate, including violent crimes, than American citizens)it rounds up people who have been here for decades and done nothing but good while being here.

Rounding up the undocumented doesn't lead to American citizens getting jobs(corporate greed makes sure as few citizens as possible get jobs, and Trump is trying to bring in more h2a guestworkers to work at low-pay(eventually it will end up being no pay), and even if he wasn't there haven't been any situations where the kind of people who demonize the undocumented would ever do the jobs they do.

Also, if the objection is to the undocumented being here, there's no justification for detaining them. It should be enough to send them home.

Being undocumented is technically a crime, but it is a harmless crime. Nobody here has any real reason to be enraged that undocumented humans work and live in this country. They are just other human beings trying to survive, and ALL of us, if we lived where they had lived, would come here without documents too. Nobody among us can say they truly wouldn't-nobody's going to keep their kids hungry in the name of abstractions like a few pieces of paper.

If you want to stop people coming in without documents, do what we SHOULD have done in the first place-accept that it's as natural and legitimate for people to want to immigrate here from Mexico or Central America as it is for them to come from Europe. We should just make it as easy to immigrate legally from Tijuana as from Turin, from Oaxaca as from Oslo, from Guatemala City as from Geneva. It's finally time to treat all would-be immigrants as equals.
The only reason anybody who complains about the undocumented being here has more right to live here than they do is an accident of birth. Being born on American soil doesn't make us doesn't make us any more doesn't make us in any sense morally makes us LUCKY an that's ALL it makes us.

And if every undocumented person and even every documented immigrant was removed from American soil tomorrow, none of our lives would be in any way better. None of us would get jobs if we didn't have them...none of us would get promotions or raises at the jobs we currently have that we haven't received yet. None of us would be any safer. There'd be no change in the crime rate. We'd just be a slightly blander, slightly less alive and interesting place.
@61 hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha.

What always amazes me about posts like yours is that they discredit themselves, without people like me having to pick apart the nonsense, because why would I trust the opinion of someone who can't spell, punctuate, capitalize or express themselves coherently.
I saw a tweet by Ben Grimes the other day that I think applies to all the people here complaining so loudly about undocumented immigrants: "It takes a special kind of nerve for a white person to stand on this continent and complain about immigration"
@61 Have you ever considered how remarkably dumb it is to claim that an entire generation are trust fund babies? I mean, who are all these incredibly rich parents that keep spawning these hordes of trust fund babies?

I'm in my 40s, but I have a lot more respect for the generations following me, than the Boomers who have selfishly and shamelessly destroyed the future for their children and grandchildren through their lack of environmental concern, their focus on consumerism and unchecked growth over sustainability and by creating the most egregious income and wealth disparity since the gilded 20s. The only good thing about the boomers is that there are fewer of them every year.
And fuck every one of you bootlicking, fascist sympathizing white supremacist Trump supporters. You know exactly what you are. We know exactly what you are. And you'll get what people like you deserve in the end. You'll be shunned by your loved ones who move on. Your community will detest you for your actions, while you detest others for their ethnicity. You will spend the rest of your lives in shame as your dwindling population moans about what could have been.

You're racists. Every last one of you. You're garbage. Every last one of you..

You'll never live it down.
Wow, the left really is going to win the midterms aren't they? Or kill everyone they don't like. Viva Stalin 2017!!
All people warrant respectful treatment so that aspect of the article is upsetting. But not the detentions and arrests. Those who are not here legally are and have been on borrowed time and have no more rights than the person wanting to come to this country. Those who decry enforcing the law should walk the talk and be perfectly fine with knocking down our borders and allowing anyone in the world who wants in to come. Think traffic, open space and resources are being challenged now? Wait till another billion or so claim their rights to be our new neighbors. Many otherwise liberal people want to see an end to looking the other way and enforcing the laws in place. Many of those being detained deserve to go back to their countries of origin.

Those of you who smugly attack us are the ones living in a fantasy world.
"Torn apart"? The children of illegals can go to their parents' country with them legally, much easier than the parents sneaking into the US.
I can tell you how they are torn apart, because I've seen it multiple times. A single parent gets detained during the day. Nobody is home when the kids get home from school or nobody shows up to pick them up. If there are no other friends or family that can take legal custody or care for these kids, they are put into the foster system. Remember, those in detention can be held indefinitely with no rights to counsel, get visitors, or even make phone calls.

Terrifying stuff. Completely disruptive to families and communities.
#68: those kids weren't raised in that country. They have no chance of surviving there. It's never evil for children to be living in this country...and it's never as simple as saying somebody broke the law.

Thanks for laying bear the toxic, irrational hatred at your core. It was only a matter of time until it bubbled up.

It's informed by delusional fantasies about undocumented humans. You might try actually meeting some sometime.

actually, most immigrants work harder than citizens and make a greater effort than citizens to keep their family together. They are also LESS likely to be on government benefits(which discredits you whole "want to be taken care of by a Socialist Nanny State" narrative).

Not sure why you brought "Traditional Heterosexual Marriage"(something people not born straight can successfully be a part of, since people can't stop being gay)into this, especially since your privileging of it contradicts your supposed support of "treating everyone equally"-which is something you don't do with people whose cultures, heritages and languages you don't treat as equal to yours, even though your language, culture and heritage has no claim to inherent superiority over any other. Besides which, it's not as though undocumented humans are massively more likely to be born gay than people who by cosmic fluke were born here.

I am also a white cis heterosexual American-by-birth. The difference between you and I is that I am fine with also just being an ordinary member of the human race, a collection of souls that have brought far more good than bad, the vast majority of whom are admirable and possessed with the capacity for great creativity and achievement, capacity most would more than achieve if freed from having to struggle simply to survive on a daily basis. Few of these people mean you or I any harm, few have done any to deserve hostility and derision from us. What would be so terrible about giving everybody everywhere a real chance to be their best selves? And what can ever be "great" about pitting this nation, a good nation but not a nation radically distinct and radically apart from all others, against the rest of the world, or of seeking to boost this country(and in practice, only a handful of the excessively rich in this country) by crushing other countries into the dirt?

Also, while Obama did have his shortcomings like any other president-though most of the problems in his era were caused by the right-wing Congress spending his entire presidency treating him with no respect and acting as if he had no right to even BE president) what have you really got to despise the guy about? What did he ever do that really ever made this a lesser country? It's trivial that he bowed to the Saudi king-it was nothing but a harmless gesture of respect-there was going to be an agreement with Iran at some point no matter what, the Bush policy of constant pressure and threats of missile strikes had been a total failure at stopping Iran from doing anything-the acceptance of same-sex marriage was always inevitable, and it's time that you accept that that can't be reversed and it it's ugly to try to reverse it-and there was always going to be something done to protect innocent undocumented children from deportation and doom. And we both know abortion wasn't going to be banned no matter what.

Unemployment fell and we were well regarded by the world. We had prestige and respect. It's just that for eight years, we weren't TOTALLY arrogant to the rest of the human race. Is that really so unforgiveable?

Why are you carrying a toxic grudge against a man whose only real crime was busting on Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents dinner? Why vilify someone who did nothing that in any way made your life worse?
"Being undocumented is technically a crime, but it is a harmless crime."

Actually, it's not a crime. It's an infraction. Not all law violations are crimes.
I find Dan's hate distasteful and counterproductive. Walking up to someone at Starbucks and telling them to fuck off says more about you than the other person.
@70 My challenge to you is that your logic means that anyone brought her by their parents from another country obviously has not been raised in the US and therefore can't survive here and should go back. This includes DACA recipients. It does cut both ways. And by the way, suggesting that other countries are shitholes, including our neighbor to the south, is racist, xenophobic and flies in the face of reality for millions of Mexicans leading fine lives, and millions in the US whose lives suck economically and socially.
Wasn't saying other countries are shitholes(no Trump supporter is ever entitled to accuse anybody else of making that comparison, btw)simply pointing out that, not having been raised there and being forced to move their as adults with no knowledge of the language would make life even in the best of places in impossible.

And the basis question remains...why punish kids for something they had no responsibility for? The presence of the DACA kids in the States is, while against the letter of the law(in a country where few but the poor are ever held actually punished for simply being in nominal violation of the law)harmless at worst and positive at best.

If the US really wants to stop people coming here from Mexico and Central America, it should stop trying to force those countries to run their economies on a low-wage, high unemployment basis, and allow those countries to have strong labor movements, decent pay, and decent living conditions, without having to live in perpetual fear of the police. Those people don't here out of any evil intent...they are forced to do what they do simply to feed their kids.

As to you "Johnny Hitler"(we all know what the "88" means, schiesskopf), I wasn't expecting you to cry(you probably only do that when your mother won't buy you a new puppy to drown), but to wise up. Your boy Adolf left Germany a smoldering pile of rubble. Millions of those who backed him ended up dead. How do you figure the "master race" ever came out ahead in that?
Even better would be for the Stranger to post the pictures of the ICE agents who are picking people up. This would provide the option for citizen allies to provide at least some protection by monitoring them when they are seen.
WTF is wrong with coming to this country legally? This pseudo liberal crap is what I expect from this rag, and people often wonder why I feel like moving to Iceland
I can't agree with this. He's a civil servant enforcing the current laws. Yes,..maybe he's a real jerk, but inviting others to take a cheap shot at him could escalate to real violence. Go after the policy first. If you applied this to the police..we'd have utter chaos.
I'm sending this man a thank you letter. He deserves our support for 1) protecting America and 2) facing left-wing intimidation from from scum like Dan Savage.
It is disingenuous to say these are people who have done nothing wrong, they broke the law the moment they stepped over the border. Then they continue to break the law every day they stay here. That is the law. I may not like it, you may not like it, but, that is the law.

#82 Right. So you'd have arrested Sojourner Truth for escaping from slavery and helping other slaves escape, because she was breaking the law in this country. And you'd have turned in Frederick Douglass to be returned to slavery because the Fugitive Slave Law legally required you to do that, and to avoid even stopping slavery militias from traveling north to recapture escaped slaves. And in the 1930s you'd have refused to help Jews escape from Germany, because it was breaking the law in Germany to help Jews to avoid extermination. And in the Eighties you'd have helped Reagan send Salvadoran refugees back home to be murdered by the death squads because sanctuary was breaking the law.'re a "the law is ALL that matters" type. The law is the law is the law is the law and nothing else matters.

And after the Allied troops showed up and told you what was happening in those camps, you'd have said "I didn't know".
#78: There is nothing wrong with coming to this country "legally"(it would have been nice if Melania had done that, rather than just overstaying a short-term work visa), but it's almost impossible to do that if you live in Mexico or Central American. We should make it just as easy to immigrate here legally from THOSE countries as it is to do so from Europe.
Thank you Dan and The Stranger for using your platform to call out this sadistic (and probably racist) "public servant." Millions of these so called, "illegals," who are being targeted are good and productive people who have lived here for many years if not decades. We should be thankful they are here and have been truly doing their part in making this country great. I'd gladly give that sadistic (and UGLY) dick a piece of my mind. He is unfit for his job and should be fired.
@84. Cite evidence for different immigration standards and practices on Europe vs Central America...

You can’t. Because all countries have the same immigration cap regardless of size, race, or predominant religion. Dumb ass. Do you just believe whatever “feels” like it’s true? Or do you allow the facts to influence your beliefs at all?
If people actually valued diversity in this country they would support ICE. If people all came here legally they would come from all over the world. Instead we have a lot of unskilled people who mostly look the same from Mexico and Central America. If you want to see true diversity go to Vancouver BC!
I'd like to see The Stranger do a story about how the TYPE of immigration and temporary foreign worker programs are harming the Bottom Half of America's citizens: the rich are the ONLY persons benefiting from this Treasonous action! --- & & .
No governor in the long history of Wisconsin has been more disrespectful of the state’s rich democratic traditions than Scott Walker, the political careerist who since taking office in 2011 has worked to make it easier for billionaires to buy elections and harder for voters to cast ballots in them.
Nothing Walker has done up until now has been so aggressively anti-democratic as his refusal to hold special elections to fill vacant seats in the state legislature.
But nothing Walker has done up until now has been so aggressively anti-democratic as his refusal to hold special elections to fill vacant seats in the state legislature. The Capital Times began raising the alarm about this in January, and now it is drawing national attention—and a significant legal intervention.
Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee announced Monday that the NDRC’s affiliate, the National Redistricting Foundation, would file suit in the Circuit Court of Dane County on behalf of voters in the two disenfranchised districts.
“Governor Scott Walker’s refusal to hold special elections is an affront to representative democracy,” declared Holder. “Forcing citizens to go more than a year without representation in the [legislature] is a plain violation of their rights and we’re hopeful the court will act quickly to order the governor to hold elections.”
With Marc Elias, one of the nation’s most prominent legal experts on elections, serving as a member of the foundation’s legal team, this challenge has the potential to send a vital signal to those who would mangle democracy in Wisconsin and other states.
Walker is one of a number of Republican governors who this year have refused to call special elections for legislative seats that their party might lose. Their fear is understandable, as Democrats have grabbed more than three dozen Republican seats in special elections since Donald Trump took office. Who this year have refused to call special elections for legislative seats that their party might lose. Walker was stung in January this year by special-election result that saw what was thought a safe Republican state Senate seat western Wisconsin go Democrat! Republican state Sen Lasee and Republican Rep. Keith Ripp posts last December stubbornly refuse to call special elections to fill seats—arguing voters should not given a say until regularly scheduled election November. Wisconsin statutes that vacant legislative seats “shall be filled as promptly as possible by special election.” Walker’s apologists tried to claim leeway statute language regarding the close regular floor period of legislature and special sessions. Those arguments crumbled as legislature continued to meet and act on welfare and criminal justice reform issues.
The governor’s recalcitrance threatens to leave 230,000 Wisconsinites unrepresented for the better part of a year. His attempt to play politics could well be undone by courts. Walker’s not alone denying democracy. Republican governors of Michigan and Florida also refusing to call special elections for legislative seats, and a House seat in Michigan.
Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling, D-La Crosse, complained: “Governor Walker is running scared and is playing politics with people’s right to be represented in the state Capitol.”
Now, however, Walker has another reason to be running scared. His attempt to play politics with representative democracy could well be undone by the courts.
ooh let us hope so…
oh let us hope so...
Everybody seems to overlook the millions of people (mostly yellow and brown) who put in their paperwork, pay their fees, and wait up to 10 years (or more) for a green card. Where’s the fairness in letting all these illegal ‘line cutters’ stay? Where’s the fairness in rewarding cheaters?

Our immigration system needs reform, but rewarding those who are ‘gaming the system’ at the expense of those who play by the rules and wait their turn isn’t the way.

The illegals can go back home and wait their turn like everyone else.
#91 You're attempting to distract the issue with a straw man argument, and it's not working. Most countries (like Canada) offer streamlined programs for people who invest serious money. Every country has the sovereign right to determine how many immigrants they'll take at a time, from where, and under what circumstances. The world population is roughly 7 billion, and probably a third of them would like to live here. Can we absorb 2.3 billion immigrants?

Since you're so obsessed with fairness for illegals, here's another one for you: what do you tell the kid who's a citizen or LPR (Legal Permanent Resident) who's been aced out of a spot in the freshman class at the UW by an illegal (who's also getting to pay in-state tuition)?

I'm a big fan of immigration, just not illegal immigration. The USA simply doesn't have the resources to be the world's lifeboat.
Too bad most of the pro-illegal citizens don't have nearly as much concern for their compatriots who are harmed by those types of immigrational and guest-worker programs . . . . --- & & & . Pah!
These times demand we take full responsibility for ourselves. This includes how we choose to make a living. Shame on Marc J. Moore and any and all public or corporate servants who engage in the exercise of activities running contrary to the well being of our beautiful green Earth and the dignity of all life including Human life.

The times are a-changing; let us not be afraid to march with open hearts and minds towards the promise of our land. Blessings amigos!
God! Thank you Dan. So right on. So powerful. I care deeply about the terror being inflicted on my undocumented friends. Your article woke me the fuck up.
They. Work . For . Us.
I am not powerless. Thank you.
Thank you for this powerful piece, Dan. Every day I read the news and think they've hit rock bottom but this cesspool of depravity that is the GOP is bottomless. I hope you can make a PDF of this image available and good people help it find its way onto every street in the city. This soulless beast should have to look over his shoulder and feel the fear he's inflicted on so many.
WE overthrow their elected Governments in Central and South America, or we bomb their countries in the Middle East and when they flee the Hell their countries have become (thanks,Corporate America!) we put up massive walls to keep them out.

And we blame them for Terrorism....

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

― Emma Lazarus
So spot on, Dan. Fuck you, Marc J. Moore!
@97 FreetheMarch and @98 kristofarian: Well said and fully agreed.
Marc J, Moore, EAT MY SHIT, choke on it, and get your sorry ass back to Miami!
ICE is the lowest of the low ...I recommend flooding their office with calls, no matter what the message...