The Results of The Stranger's 2018 Sex Survey

8,776 survey respondents can't be wrong.



Pee? Not enough. I'd rather shit on Mein Trumpfy's ugly fat face, and make him choke on it.


@2: Cool story, bro.


I don't know what's the bigger boner-killer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders or incestuous dreams about relatives. I suddenly feel all sex un-positive :-( The only thing less sexy than SHS is the girl on the Rockin' Body CD commercial, who says "I feel SEXY" in a sad and pathetic sort of way.


Wish they'd included a bar graph of "Number of Sex Partners" for lesbians. I'd bet it would look like the inverse of gay men.

Not judging, just betting.


Interesting that the percentage of bi people who ID as straight is identical to the percentage of straight guys sucking cock.


Also, I'm deeply proud of that chart of gay men's hookup numbers. May we wear that as a badge of honor.


"Many Stranger readers find Sarah Huckabee Sanders fuckable.

No, no that is not accurate. Many Stranger readers find her a slightly less aggravated degree of repulsively unfuckable.


Uhhh.... in the "Forcible Kissing and Rape" section, which currently reads:

"A horrifying 2,230 people told us they have been raped (26 percent of all respondents). Twice that number—4,489 people (52 percent of respondents)—told us they have been "forcibly kissed without consent." Only 202 people (.09 percent of respondents) said they'd reported their rape to authorities."

202/2,230 is equal to 9%, not .09 percent. That is a difference of two orders of magnitude, and a horribly irresponsible mistake to make in such an important section. The image associated with the text has the same error.


I want to know the gender breakdown for the question on monogamy/monogamish/non-monogamy. I wonder why they didn’t include it, when it was included for so many other categories.

@9 - I noticed that too. Fewer than 1/10 rapes reported is awful enough - and in line with national statistics.


@9 and @10 -- You're right. That was a production error. We regret making any errors, but we especially regret making an error on such an important question. We have updated the text and the graph, and we will publish a printed correction in our next issue.


@ 10 -- There is a lot of information we didn't include, for a variety of reasons, mostly space. But I'll look into that data specifically (the gender breakdown on the monogamy question) and publish a follow-up Slog post about it.


Thanks, Christopher!


@3 ctcmull: If @2's story was so cool, why did it get pulled?
@14 Doofus in Shoreline: STFU already, you woefully ignorant, entitled white neofascist troll!
Rape is not pretty. It is not an act of sex--it is an act of violence and hatred. There are many of us who are either stymied from reporting, afraid to report (hell-OOO, have you heard of people in abusive relationships, isolated from friends and family who could otherwise help get them out of such a nightmare situation??), or just don't for fear of retaliation. Shove your privileged white boy arrogance and ignorance up your ugly undatable ass, you Trumpist pig.


Is double penetration really a kink, or just two penetrations at the same time? Can two non-kink sex acts become a kink when simultaneous?

I'm a bit surprised at the 10× ratio of nonbinary responses to trans binary. Among people I know it's... maybe 1.5×.

Nit: as far as the rape stats it's still not quite right at "9% of respondents", it's 2.3% of respondents. You could go with "(9% of those)". I get what you meant but I had to reread it.

@14 when somebody reports a rape to the cops I'm sure you don't move the goalposts and say that's really nothing much until a conviction. Right?


Why do we get a breakdown of bi people but not anyone else?


@10 -- the breakdown by gender that you requested has been conducted. See hyperlink in the text.

@20 -- to combat so-called "bi erasure" and increase visibility and acceptance of bisexual folks.

What else does everyone want to know?


Christopher, I would like more information on this ethical sex cult a responder wants to start. I read Stranger in A Strange Land, so I am totally primed for it.


I think you missed an opportunity by not including Anthony "The Mooch" Scarmucci as a choice.


Hey Stranger: since we care about the demographic break down of who gets sassy with their cab-busting-gig-slave of choice..which I don’t, why not tell us the WHOLE story, eh? Your math don’t cut it, junior. There’s 5% of survey respondents who allegedly (omg caring more now) hooked up w their Buber driver THAT ARENT ACCOUNTED FOR - who tf are they HUH - do yr math - be accountable. If we care: YOU SHOULD TOO.