Travis Thompson

"I'm most excited to see Lil Wayne. I've never seen him live before—and even seeing my name on the same flyer as him is hella surreal. The first beat I ever wrote to was a Wayne beat. It's just gonna be a sing-along of hits with my friends, while most likely Jameson drunk. Can't wait."

(Travis Thompson performs Sat, 4:15–5 pm, KEXP.)

Brent Amaker

"I can't wait to see DoNormaal. She's creating some of the most interesting music coming out of Seattle right now. I want to see her in a festival environment. I also hope that she brings more of her vinyl to the merch booth. I didn't get it when it came out, and I'm obsessed."

(Brent Amaker and the Rodeo perform Sun, 7:45–8:30 pm, KEXP.)

Micaiah Sawyer

"I'm definitely going to be making a point to see Hobo Johnson. I saw his YouTube video when it went viral and then pretty quickly went on a binge of his songs. I really like his stuff, it's very unique. I even joked that it would be funny if he were at Bumbershoot after I won my spot, and then totally freaked when I saw his name on the posters. I'm also pretty excited about Portugal. The Man, Bishop Briggs, Phoenix, and Fleet Foxes. I'm just a fan and I have been for a bit."

(Micaiah Sawyer performs Sun, 2:10–2:40 pm, Fisher Green Stage.)

Noah Gundersen

"Lil Wayne, because party."

(Noah Gundersen performs Fri, 7:40–8:25 pm, Mural Amphitheatre.)


"Moses Sumney's debut album, Aromanticism, is beautiful emotive soul that we'd very much like to listen to sitting outside on a warm summer evening. Blondie is a punk legend. She's the coolest and we'd be remiss to miss her! And DoNormaal. We first learned about her when we got to play a show with her at a house venue, and have since become huge fans. Her record Third Daughter is sonically unique and lyrically insightful."

(Wimps perform Fri, 6:35–7:20 pm, KEXP.)