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Hello, college students—welcome to the city!

If you moved here from some other part of the world, you're probably still just getting oriented. We're here to help. These are going to be the most exhilarating and confusing years of your life, full of hidden dangers, giant opportunities, tons of work, clouds of pot smoke, and people who want to have sex with you.

Your college probably gave you an orientation packet. The first thing you're going to want to do is chop that into confetti and throw it into the air. It isn't going to begin to help you with what really matters: How are you going to drink in your dorm? What's the deal with the legal weed in Seattle?

Nathalie Graham, who got in trouble for drinking in her dorm her first week at the University of Washington, has some drinking advice. Katie Herzog, who does bong rips before she writes her Stranger articles, has some important points to make about pot. And as for pregnancy, Leilani Polk has some advice specifically for women about dating, sex, orgasms, abortion, and more.

Unless you have been living in a crevasse in Antarctica for the last two years, you know the world is embroiled in a reckoning about sexually abusive behavior by men. Because college is where people really experiment with being naked and getting busy with it, and because most men are boneheads, we have a primer specifically for straight guys. If you are straight and have a penis and hope to ever use it, please start here.

You should be experimenting in other ways, too. Jasmyne Keimig shaved her head in college and she tells what it was like.

A word of warning about your experimentation: Don't let it involve lighting furniture on fire, unless you want to experiment with spending a night in jail. Charles Mudede interviews a college student who spent a night in jail after putting out a cigarette on a frat-house couch.

You're going to be exposed to all kinds of ideas in school, from things that light you up inside to things that make you want to buy a flamethrower and torch humanity. How should you react to controversial speakers who come to your campus?

Your parents are probably bearing down on you to study something that will reap financial returns later. Lester Black is of the opinion that you should study science and not the humanities. Rich Smith is of the opinion that Lester is crazy.

When you're not studying, drinking, smoking weed, having sex, or reading The Stranger, you're going to need other things to do with your time, which is why we've included a list of the best places to see music in Seattle if you're under 21.

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If live music isn't your thing, look out the window. See those mountains surrounding you? You can go to them. But you can also die on them. So how can you go exploring in the nearby wilderness without dying? Katie Kurtz has some advice on how not to be a ding-dong in the woods.

Plus, throughout the rest of this issue, you'll find all kinds of reasons to leave your dorm room and get out into the city. The Stranger comes out every two weeks and is always packed with ideas. You can find even more things to do—all the things that don't fit in print—on our website every day of the year: thestranger.com.