We're only a few weeks into winter. Yes, it's true—it feels like it's been winter forever. But it's only just begun. Many of us at The Stranger battle the monocloud with regular infusions of dopamine—by way of THC—into our bloodstreams. There are so many different ways to use weed to survive winter that we've created this whole issue just to talk about it.

For many people, snowboarding is the most fun you can have with your pants on. For Lester Black, even snowboarding is improved with weed. Why? He explains here.

If you prefer your tactile pleasures to be a little subtler, have you ever considered having a pool of brightly colored macromolecules in your apartment? Chase Burns explains here.

For a variety of reasons, Jasmyne Keimig had to give up smoking weed. Then she tried vaping it. Whoa. She explains why her new THC intake routine is so much better here.

Charles Mudede is not much of a weed smoker, but like the queen in The Favourite, he has gout—which led him to experiment with CBD joints. As he explains here, the results were... mixed.

Sara Peterson has also been experimenting with CBD, although she says it's changed her life. She sticks it where the sun don't shine, and it makes her monthly cramps go away. Details here.

Katie Herzog has a hard time making friends in this climate, which may explain why she has so many good ideas (here) for staying home and crafting when you're high out of your mind.

If you need a different kind of creative project to get you through the gray days, well, how are your video editing skills? Make a stoner short film under 4:20 minutes and you could win thousands of dollars—literally! Find details here.

If you're a bit more old-fashioned and just want to smoke some weed and go do something, we have you covered. See the five best things to do stoned in Seattle this winter here.