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Finding dishes you love around town takes a while. Get a head start with these recommendations.

The classic ramen at Ramen Danbo. You should order the thick noodles. Jessica Stein





When I lived in Seattle at the end of the 90s, a decent burrito was hard to find, but good Indian food was fairly plentiful. I remember one night wanting an antipasto salad and calling around to pizza places, in most cases being asked: "a what?" But I found one, and the place - Olympic Pizza in Green Lake - is still in business. It begin a twice-monthly or so ritual, picking up a tasty antipasto salad from there.


I have fond memories of the huevos rancheros and other tasty food at The Green Cat Cafe. It closed soon after I moved to Seattle, but that's the place I think of the most when I think of life on Capitol Hill, well, other than Vivace.



When I arrived around that time I asked about burritos and got directed to Taco Del Mar.


Damn, I'd never heard of the Green Cat Cafe, but I would definitely go there just because of the name.

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